dragon eyes

"La fille du Dragon," ("the girl of the dragon," in english) from Numéro 90 February 2008 shot by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello avec model Marina Perez. The makeup is intense; winged yellow highlighter eyeliner, ooers. Finally, a Spring editorial minus all the prints vomited upon it. (see previous post.)
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prints, prints, everywhere

Spring 08 is print crazy- first the Meisel editorial for Vogue Italia and now this edit. for V Magazine shot by Steven Klein. Stam looks like she lazing around like some sort of homeless, floral trendwhore. It's like looking into a kaleidoscope of Dries Van Noten and Prada whatsits, while on some sort of LSD trip. Excess these days...
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Cory K. for Urban Decay

So, to get an Urban Decay comestics campaign, all one has to do is:

  • become jailbait by going out with the Cobrasnake
  • intern at Nylon (whatever she does there)
  • shlep around L.A. at all hours of the day
  • befriend an entourage of messed up starlets and Jeremy Scott
  • personify the hipster aesthetic
  • become insanely overexposed
  • forgo washing ya hair for weeks at a time.

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Siri Tollerød on the cover of Lula was inevitable. It model, It magazine, duh! Though, I've noticed, Lula does have a penchant for the petulant infantilized sexthing on their cover, like their premiere issue with the blatant Lolita reference. Siri's not looking too chaste either, with a blatant dirty in her perfectly lined eyes. (I totally fail at winged eyeliner, so I'm pretty envious of the makeup.) Aside from Lula's slight infatuation with childlike "innocence", I'm totally forking out a twenty at Borders for this issue, yes.

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The Dior Pouf

Oooh so the bubble hem isn't dead! At least according to John Galliano for the Christian Dior Spring 08 couture show. Evidently, it appears to be the year of the poufy skirt, billowing in voluminous sheaths of satins. This bout sixties excess is all the more apt with the eyecatching symbolist designs reminiscent of Gustav Klimt. Editorial-friendly, It's the typico Galliano faire, with vibrant shocks of color, pounds of glittery eye makeup, courtesy of the wonderous Pat McGrath, and finger in the socket/tight updos, which he said was inspired by Vreeland. And I wouldn't mind teetering on those delectable magenta pumps, ooers. God knows I could use those extra 6 inches of height.

Is it just me, or is Chanel Iman looking a little more gaunt than usual?

Sequins never looked so appetizing.

A cougar's dream couture dress, sigh



Heath Ledger, Dead at 28

This is devastating. Academy award-nominated, Australian-American actor Heath Ledger was found in his Manhattan apartment in the nude, dead at age 28 at 3:26 PM, surrounded by a myriad of pills. He was best known for his roles in 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knight's Tale, and the much beloved (especially by me) Brokeback Mountain. He and ex, Michelle Williams, had a two year old girl, Mathilda. Known for his (justified) spite for the paparazzi, he valued his privacy. He was only 28. Now I will officially start tearing up...


up against it

Gaaasp! That is the exact sound I made when I saw Stephanie Seymour on the cover of Pop Magazine. It's a striking cover; then again, a highly revered Supermodel (note the bolded super) splayed against a wall in her nudie pants is always striking. Unless it's Kate Moss, cause that's just commonplace for her. However, I'm ambivalent about this cover; yeah it's a total fashion orgasm, but then again, where is the fashion? There is nary an accessory in sight, save for that strait-jacket-like corset and a peek of a shoe. And is that a modified, leather version of the metallic Dolce & Gabbana chastity belt? Oh that Pop...


An American Scandal

The sexual liasons in Washington D.C. has always shocked and astounded me - there's the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal, then there's those Capitol Hill escort services that cater specifically to politicos and their wild sex fantasies. Sigh, why can't American politicians keep their junk in their pants?

ANYWHO, Juergen Teller captures the naughty side of Washington D.C. in W magazine avec cabbage patch doll Lily Cole as a sort of salacious redheaded Jackie O. Minus the pillbox hats.


Fight Club

Awww look at his Simpsons tatoo!
Marc Jacobs has his myspace back up... where he shows off some hot Cirque Du Soleil-esque yoga moves with his boyfriend! Insanity!



Finally, the Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs ad is unveiled. There's no silicone implant in sight; that's so major! Posh Spice being eaten up by a bag; Marc can be genius sometimes...


if in doubt, tart it up

i-D tartz it up for the February 08 issue with smokey-eyed, garter-clad BFFs Gemma and Lily on the cover. The disheveled tresses, bitch-red pout and lingerie just screams brothel chic, no?

In the magazine's own words: "Best friends Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson are boobalicious and sexy as hell, we're logging on, so you can get off! "
Hah, who uses that word, boobalicious?



The suspiciously yet thoughtfully generous hipsta chain Urban Outfitters is offering free Nylon magazine suscriptions! Hopefully UO isn't selling addresses to telemarketers.

Note: Offer only in US and Puerto Rico and territories of the US


K is for Kloss

ELITE model phenom Karlie Kloss is touted as the top model of Spring 08 on V magazine, a Calvin Klein exclusive, the object of faux anorexia accusations, Teen Vogue covergirl - all at the age of 15. The modelling industry makes me feel ever so old.

Karlie, Chanel, Ali - the three pillars of American models nowadays

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