Modelo del Momento

Bruna TenĂ³rio is my new favorite model because:

1) She's 5'11, 17 years old, and does not resemble Dakota Fanning, unlike some other models (coughGemmacough)
2) She's of Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian race, therefore having the appeal of Dujuan, Ai Tominaga, and Caroline Ribeiro rolled in one.
3) She's from Brazil. Ain't it crazy she isn't from an those model-inundated eastern european countries like the Czech, or Slovania, or Bosnia and Herzegovina?
4) She's hot schtuff, walking for John Galliano, YSL, Chanel, Balenciaga, etc.

Photos- Style.com


I'm Surprised She Wasn't Straddling a Stripper Pole...

La Lohan is back from rehab with the April GQ cover shot by Terry Richardson. Typical Lohan fair, with cleavage bustling out of tops, sprawling on mirrored surfaces and whatnot, thus providing masturbation material for pubescent boys around the world, bleh. In the interview by Marshall Sella, done mostly with Blackberrys due to her stint in rehab, (how Lohan of her), she says, "Haha. There are 3 different boys I like. maybe 5." (Again, how Lohan is that?) Also, when asked the happiest moment of her life, she responds with the most firecrotchest answer:"Gotta think sex scene today."

Photos- GQ.COM


Barack Obama is so handsome.

So, I went to the Barack Obama presidential rally in Oakland, California today. This post has nothing to do about fashion, but I feel like blogging about the man that just might beat Hillary Clinton in the race to become the next president of the United States. The crowds were going craaaazy for him, and I kept straining my neck to get a glimpse of him, which wasn't easy since I'm 3 centimeters tall. And FINALLY, I was only a few feet from him, and OMG!, I went nuts and blurted out on a whim,"Senator Obama, you are so handsome!"

Oh god.


Bite Me

Everything's better in French....kissing, fashion, croissants, and Vogue covers.
Lara Stone on the cover of April 07 Paris Vogue. I'm getting a Chloe/Marni vibe from the cover, very cool. Why are the foreign Vogue covers so mucho more appealing than American Vogue covers? You'd never see Nuclear Wintour putting Nicole Kidman in yellow hotpants on the cover. SIGH...


Not only does Anna Wintour hate PETA,

...Anna Wintour hates blogs too.
According to one Voguette, "They are expanding the Vogue Web site and getting more involved with the Internet. But Anna hates the word 'blog' so much, she refuses to call anything on her site a blog and has charged her staff with coming up with a new word that isn't as garish-sounding. She wants it ASAP - in time for launch."


From being Nicole's bitch to Halston

Miramax head Harvey Weinstein is attempting to revive the grand fashion house, Halston, with Manolo Blahnik creator, Tamara Mellon as head of the creative team, and Rachel Zoe?! I would think he had the nepotistic idea of having his girlfriend Georgina Chapman of Marchesa to head Halston, but clearly, the appeal of Rachel Zoe's horse tranquilizer emaciation and smoker's forehead had won him over. Oh and her abilities of transforming Nicole Richie from Paris Hilton's bitch, to well, a more fashionable vicodin addicted version of Paris Hilton's bitch could also have been a factor in Harvey's decision.


Marc Jacobs. In. Rehab. OMG.

Yes, it's true, Marc Jacobs has relapsed and checked into a rehabilitation center in Arizona for drug and alcohol abuse. According to Vogue.uk "... he apparently left Paris straight after his Louis Vuitton show on March 4 and flew direct to begin his treatment."
Oh goodness gracious, maybe this is the explanation for his sudden transformation/Star Jones-like suspicious weight loss. Let's pray that Marc Jacobs gets through this, because who else is going to be America's great designer? Kimora Lee Simmons? (Oh hell no.) Please, get well soon MJ!


LC who?

SIGH, don't most of us want to be a NYLON intern? Or a Teen Vogue intern? These are the dreams a million suburban teenagers who stick magazine collages of Lily D. and Dior Couture on their walls, would die for. Namely, moi. (Except I live near the Hood, not the surburbs.) Well, both Nylon and Teen Vogue are accepting applications for internships this summer, although Teen Vogue's involves some sort of contest. Both these internships are based in New Yawk. Give it ya best shot everyone,!


A Walking Pole

Viktor and Rolf's runway contraptions are borderline sadistic. I mean how can you expect a 105 pound, 5'10 waif to strut with a steel pole, lights, and speakers on their shoulders, while stomping on heavy wooden clogs? See, a model's life ain't all that glam. OH who am I kidding, they could look at themselves in the mirror and feel all better and narcissistic again.