I'm not dead,

...just overwhelmed by school and AP exams which are killing me. Be back in May. So sorry for my rather deadbeat blogging.


piña colada blonde

Rachel Bilson, trades in her brunette locks while filming the movie, "New York, I Love You" So, is it a wig, or peroxide?


hey upper east siders

Nylon gets on the Gossip Girl bandwagon finally, with Blake Lively on the cover, in the same get-up as her Teen Vogue shoot, as nymag pointed out. Odd. Inside, the articles tells of how the two are BFFS in real life, discounting any feud rumors, the fabulous fashions, etc. etc. Anywho, I wonder why Serena Van Der Woodsen gets the cover while Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf, is just featured on the inside. Couldn't there be double covers?* Seriously I find Blair more entertaining what with her bitchy quips and haughty elitism. Yeah, all this nagging means I am in desperate need to get my Gossip Girl fix. Yes, I am one of those girls who live vicariously through Chuck Bass sexcapades and the latest jeweled headband Blair Waldorf is wearing. And those seizure inducing "OMG" commercials hawking it's return isn't helping.
*EDIT: Whoops there are double covers, I just got the Blake Lively one in the mail. My mistake!

Pics- Nylon


Nylon Bites Chloe Sevigny

HaH, Nylon gets back at Chloe Sevigny for standing them up at a party celebrating her and her new clothing line, by leaving the head on her cake on a platter. Passive aggressive, ya?