Eye Closed, Mouth Agape

Devon Aoki, on the July cover of i-D, avec Jeremy Scott. Um, I didn't know she was still "modelling." I thought she was too busy portraying the hussy with the pink civic in "2 Fast 2 Furious." God, I've been using the word "hussy" too much. There aren't many synonyms for hussy, though. Anywho, mouthbreathing-modelling is so IN now, gawd. Looks like Coco Rocha has some company!

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So, another ad campaign for Lohan, jipping off the Kate Moss for Longchamp pose, IMO. What the appeal of this "actress" is, I don't know. Well at least the ads are in black and white, because I guess neon orange tan would be a bit frightening as human skin.

EDIT: So, let it be known, Lohan has crashed her mercedes for the 12319423th time. Under the influence. Of alcohol, and possibly cocaine. Yeeesh. I feel so sorry for her car.



Youngin's These Dayz...

June W's editorial, Fresh, shot by Craig McDean is an edgier version of the Vogue May models cover, with fresher gaunt faces, but alas, still with Chanel Iman. Loving, the pre-shoot panels added on to the photos, although Chanel looks like she's about to bust a move with her pose, strange. Maybe it's the fact that she's only 16 that gets me all bitter. Anywho, seeing these barely legal girls makes me want to spend 8 hours on the elliptical machine, because I ain't blessed with such a fast metabolism/the ability to subsitute food with cigarettes. Oooohyeah.

Chanel Iman

Alana Zimmer

Lara Stone


Ali Micheals

Bobbi Wiens

Irina K.




Lily Allen rants against fashion to advertise her collab. with New Look:

"It’s in the magazines’ and advertisers’ interests to make girls want to be skinny and feel s*** about themselves because then they will go out and buy their products. It’s just another part of the capitalist, materialistic, evil world that we live in."

"Queueing for hours and hours for a dress is just stupid."

"I get along with the paparazzi: they give me cigarettes and money for parking meters."

"Fashion editors can f*** off. Lots of them are responsible for the skinny issue. "

"I was quite an aggressive teenager. The gold jewellery – I wore a lot more back then – was a kind of deterrent."
The things she say may be honest, but all I have to ask is, what event in her childhood made her so damn angry? Jeees.
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Queen of the Bitches

She may take sadistic pleasures in torturing the assistant of the month, but God knows she can make a show of anything. From scrubbin' New York's most foul bathrooms in Louboutins, to maniacally, yet gorgeously dancing along to Tina Turner, Naomi is still hot after all these years, while Tyra is still bitchin' her thigh/cellulite/boob/retirement/drag queen issues on her godannoying talk show. Models have filtered in and out throughout the years, but Naomi is foreva, girlfriend.

Naomi Campbell for "W", shot by Steven Klein.



It was just yesterday I was flimming through an old copy of Tatler. Isabella Blow passed away this morning in a bout of cancer. She was 49. I am in disbelief.
EDIT: Turns out she took an overdose of weedkiller, not cancer, and early reports have suggest. Still in disbelief.



Catherine McNeil's got it all- V's fall fashion preview cover, opener for the Givenchy show and now a 6 month contract with Mario Testino. I like her in the way that she is unintentionally kicking those E.T. lookalike, cutesy Gemmas and Lilys to the curb. She looks like she could put out a cigarette on Gemma's thigh or something. Very cool. Me thinks this 18 year old Aussie stunner will become a supermodel in due time.

On another note, Gisele replaces Elson in the YSL campaigns, and in my opinion, Catherine would be a much better fit than the former Victoria's Secret Angel. Yaaaaaa.

Photos-V, fashionweekdaily