5 things you don't know about me...

Since Discotheque Confusion nominated me to say a few words about myself, I'll try to say some unknown facts about me.

1) Sometimes, I peruse the makeup counters at Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales just to use their nail polish. It's free, and I don't think you can get finger herpes if you use nail polish sample bottles, unlike lipgloss sample tubes. I mean, I can't afford 180 dollars on ten bottles of Chanel Le Vernis, it's impractical. So this either makes me a cheap genius or just plain cheap, either one. At least my nails always look good.

2) I admit, I was a fan of Paris Hilton, POST(!) porn tape. But that was back in my disgusting middle school days, where I thought Seventeen was a great magazine. This is oh so sad. Moving on...

3)I like to shoot guns. Not at animals, heavens no! But I like to squeeze the trigger of my Baretta to release my anger at the shooting range. I have pretty good aim, in fact.

4)I'm deathly afraid of self tanners after my legs turned day glo orange after obssessively slathering on Vaseline self tanning lotion (DON'T BUY IT) for two weeks, hoping my legs would turn into enviable legs that looked as if I spent a week in Brazil. I was literally walking on two carrots for a week until I managed to exfoliate the hell outta my legs.

4.5)I won my school spelling bee 3 years in a row, and I was in the regionals twice. I was SO SO SO close to making it to the nationals in Washington DC, but I got stuck on the word uguligrade and ended up in second place with a crap medal.

5)I don't know what I'm going to do with my future. Que sera, sera.

(I know I'm short)

Armani Couture

When I think Armani, I think classic, sophisticated, good looking older men. The billowing gowns, me love long time.

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

Okay, so this time, he did not send a plus size model down the runway, but he did send Dita Von Teese down the catwalk to display his ornate, lustrous designs. Influenced by the divine female, Gaultier made a deity of a collection. The headdresses scream diva. I wonder how tall Dita is. I heard she's 5'3.

Photo Credit- fashionweekdaily.com

Givenchy Couture

With Riccardo Tisci at the helm, this season's Givenchy is the epitome of couture. My favorite is the canary-yellow tulle dress on Irina, it's just The color of the season.



I'll just say, it's very Chanel. But Karl can do better. There were aplenty interpretations of the boxy Chanel suit in peacoat form and cinched at the waist with a belt and minis galore but, they've been done again and again. And three versions of the same dress? Doesn't make sense to me. It was pretty, but unremarkable. Sometimes a flowy dress and a little glitter does not equal to couture winner. Pretty, but safe.


Very typical Christian Lacroix, but always beautiful. Fuchsia, electric blue, poofs galore, you can't just help but love the master couturier at his best. I'd call it chiffon on acid. And PCP. In a good way.

Photo Credit- fashionweekdaily.com

Geisha House

The makeup: flawless. The fashion: divine. John Galliano has really upped the ante this time. For the Christian Dior couture shows in Paris, (the city, not the slut) Galliano displayed brilliant haute couture, influenced by Madame Butterfly and Japan and origami, delivering punch after punch of vivacious color, sans the Versace-like vulgarity. This time around, tasteful kimonos and sculpted dresses seemingly molded to fit the model perfectly inundated the runways.

Photo Credits- Style.com



I'm failing all my finals, I'm getting under eye circles on my left eye (but strangely not my right eye), and I lost my Shu Uemera eye lash curler, but the one thing that's making me content is the Proenza Schouler collection for Target. Hopefully it's not going to be a dud, but I doubt it. Mark the date, FEBRUARY 4.

The new Chloe S/S07 ads with the always grand Raquel Zimmerman.


Links links, and...more links

Gemma Ward missing NY fashion week to film "The Black Balloons" with Toni Collette
Aww. Maybe the alien eyed model trend is drifting away.

21 Questions with Proenza Schouler, Stam, Gemma, Karolina, Narciso and more...who knew Stam eats Mac and Cheese. It's total goudah for the legs. I should know, sadly.

Sienna Miller
taking the Edie route a little too far? Heaven knows we don't need another Lindsay.

The prices of NY fashion week tents...it costs that much to look good


Suvi Kuponen

Literally, my arm=her leg, no joke. Phwow.

February 07 French Vogue shot by David Sims


She had sex in her eyes

With the onslaught of internet videos and Youtube, the most recent Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel decided to parody the trend, displaying supahmodels Coco Rocha, Stam, Agyness, and the elegant Hilary Rhoda, as teenage slutty slut sluts, showing all their "talents" on the internet. And you thought the House of Holland tees were dirty.

A tongue in chic interpretation of the trendy Bape jackets that EVERYONE AT MY SCHOOL HAS AND LOOK RIDICULOUS IN.

Photo Credits- Fashion Addict Diary; Style Bubble

Olivier Theyskens takes top job at Nina Ricci

When renowned fashion house Rocha's inexplicably shut down, many wondered if it meant the end to romantic perfume bottle-like gowns. Well now, the genius former head of Rochas, Olivier Theyskens has moved on to Nina Ricci, launching a collection of 31 looks, full of flowing, unclingy looks in hues of grey and black, transitioning from daytime to evening. And his collection proves to be a hit with Reese Witherspoon wearing that shweet marigold dress at the Golden Globes, establishing Theyskens as the new It designer, once again.

More Lohan for miumiu

Is it even her?

Hey at least she kept her legs closed in these pictures.


I can't believe it's her either...

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Source: Fashion Spot
Fashion bloggers are abuzz with the much anticipated Miu miu ads featuring none other than Lindsay Lohan, shot by Mert and Marcus. I quite like the juxtaposition of her body, but maybe because of the intense photoshopping that makes it look so Karen Elson/Stam/Lily Cole. I mean, really, does Miuccia want us to believe that Lindsay has gams like that? HAH