Fashion Shows for Lunch

It's always worth it to skip a fawking useless calculus class to attend my first fashion show.
So on Friday, I skipped out of godforsaken math, and shuffled to Brannan St. in SF to the Academy of Art Graduation Fashion Show. And WHAT DO YA KNOW, turns out the academy shuttled out 15 Elite models from NY, and from I could see I recognized Holly Bartle, Sosheba Griffiths, and more.
It was a smorgasbord of student work, and I saw some good draping and cut, but some terribly blindingly red patent jackets too. I was such a noob at the show that I clapped my hands raw at the sight of a model's emaciated shoulder blades or a flash of chiffon overlay. Sad. But still fun.
So after the show, out came the models from backstage to smoke a few ciggs. My friend and I kept guessing if the model with the bangs was Daul Kim but why in the heathens would she be in SF. But my friend saw her Y3 bag, which you know, nary a person SF wears, because you know, west coasters think Hollister booty shorts and Bape are the sh!t, so it had to be her.

(The blurs are to protect the faces of the common people. namely me)
And what do ya know, it was Daul KIM! Let's just say I let out one of those embarassing star- struck shrieks, which was rather sad. I thought she was going to run off, because I looked like a shrilling slob, but she was nice enough to not order a restraining order and took a picture as well. In real lilfe, I can see why she's becoming huge, she has that commes de garcon modelesque style & quality you never see on America's Next Mediocre Model. And that was that!
Photos- Ma.donna Photography Co.


Al Gore must be jumping for joy

I find myself grativating towards these canvas Anya Hindmarch environment-friendly totes simply because they are, albeit ridiculous, the IT bag.
The bag, which was designed in collaboration with eco group We Are What We Do, went on sale at selected Sainsbury's stores in London yesterday and lines circled the block a la Karl Lagerfeld-H&M collection. In the vein of previous unattainble IT bags, the 20,000 limited edition bags sold out within an hour, and prices on ebay range from 100-450 dollars for this regularly 15 dollar tote. Craaazy.
I’m Not A Plastic Bag comes to the US in June (in a limited edition navy blue) and in Japan in July (in a limited edition bottle green), and it can be preordered on it's website in May.

Anja Sedgwick

Doesn't Anja Rubik's new chic Edie-esque bob enhance her emaciated frame ever so well?


Oh you know there's going to be a celeb cover next month

So, the editorial by Meisel and article accompanying the Vogue Top Model cover is up at style.com. And my goodness, these girls are so safe, and bland. Where's the late night coke binges, the accidental overdose of ipecacs, the constant flow of champagne that made models the Supers in the nineties? Those times have dissipated, but sadly, all that's left of those times are Naomi's sanitation chic, Kate's addiction to Doperty, and Tyra's sad weave.

So apparently, Doutzen is the frontrunner for the no-surname-required race to become the next Gisele. Lily is considered intelligent, Agyness has the Kate-Moss-coolness, and Stam was about to be a lifeguard, Coco is a pro-riverdancer, blah and blah . Chanel Iman had to have her mother present during the shoot, because as we all know, she's only 16 (doesn't that ruffle one's feathers) , and her idol is Iman and she loves "all things Chanel!" Cliche. Nothing we already don't know.

Perhaps the only somewhat striking thing about this article was Sasha Pivavorova.
The question asked was,"Do you want to be a Supermodel?"
In her thick nervous accent she says,"In Rrrrussia, vee have proverb: Only bad soldiers don't vant to be general." (Direct quote!)
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Helmut Hair

It takes a special girl to wear the blunt bang well without looking like they used a pudding bowl to cut their hair. Who wears it best?

Korean newcomer Daul Kim,

Gwen Stefani's stepdaughter, Daisy Lowe

Newly brunette Georgia Frost,

Irina Irina IRINA



US Vogue, May 2007

Where's Freja? And Iek, and Irina and...the list can go on. Who did you think missed out on this year's Supermodel cover, which literally occurs once every 20 Nicole Kidman covers?