Siri Tollerød on the cover of Lula was inevitable. It model, It magazine, duh! Though, I've noticed, Lula does have a penchant for the petulant infantilized sexthing on their cover, like their premiere issue with the blatant Lolita reference. Siri's not looking too chaste either, with a blatant dirty in her perfectly lined eyes. (I totally fail at winged eyeliner, so I'm pretty envious of the makeup.) Aside from Lula's slight infatuation with childlike "innocence", I'm totally forking out a twenty at Borders for this issue, yes.

Photo- fashionverbatim


Mash said...

beautiful cover <3

SICK. said...

i will most definitely buy this magazine.
siri looks so good on the cover, and the rainbow title is really appealing to me right now.
& i agree with you on the sexed up lolita thing lula's got going on.


Blue Floppy Hat said...

Love the cover, and Lula is the perfect refuge for ex-Ellegirl fans!

stupidcupcake said...

Im already looking forward to read this. I love the cover.