Cavalli loves his leopard prints...

The Roberto Cavalli for H&M ads. Not as much greasy sexuality featured as I thought (it is THE Cavalli signature), but then again, it is an H&M ad. Judging from this preview, I say get ready for some major bitchfights over cheetah/leopard print dresses that epitomize the phrase, 'cougar'.
Speaking of cougars and leopard prints, I was reminded of Anna Bancroft in The Graduate. Best movie ever. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.
Photos- fashion.verbatim, imdb


A Somber Hue

It was inevitable; we all knew Agyness couldn't have the same peroxide pageboy cut forever, debutting her new do in today's Burberry Prorsum show. I just wonder, is this darker hue an accident while dabbling with a box of Clairol's chestnut color #24? Or is it a temporary color/wig to confuse devout Agy-holics, or is Agyness really just into Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy? Maybe DNA is trying to keep her from being a clichéd blonde cropped hair model who really likes neon. Who knows...
So, blonde or brunette?
Edit: Yep, it's real.




Gemma-ni Twins

You know you spend too mch time on Style.com when you notice things like this: I found a Sasha Pivavarova picture (at left) in the Gemma Ward page. It's funny how even a bigwig like Style.com can't distinguish the difference between the two eerily similiar-looking supermodels.

Perhaps they were fraternal twins that were separated at the hospital and Sasha sent to be raised in Russia, pining for her long-lost, equally bulgyeyed and alienesque twin sister Gemma? Oh god, it sounds like I'm on LSD or something, disregard what I wrote, please.


You know you love it...

Did anyone catch Gossip Girl last night? My first thoughts:
1. Everyone in the cast is HOT.
2. Is the guy playing Nate a model?
3. Chuck is so very, very douchey.
4. Wow Dan is surprisingly hot for someone that's suppose to be a self-deprecating loner.
5. I love the subtle fashion touchs (a little Lanvin there, Henri Bendel there...)
6. The story line is a bit hasty and muddled but infused with that Josh Schwartz type of OC drama that makes it all the more watchable.
7. Practically half the show is full of Blair's bitchy, envious stares at Serena.



I haven't seen Daria Werbowy in ages (seems like ages), except for a few editorials and rare runway appearances; I thought her Lancome contract cemented her supermodel statuz and we would only see her mugging for the latest Lancome hi-tech teflon lipgloss or whatever. So, it's nice to see her channelling a gorgeous travelling gypsy for W magazine's editorial, Heat, shot by Steven Klein. And is it just me, or does Steven Klein always have the following in his shoots:
1. Glistening. Sweat. Everywhere.
2. A hot glamazon model
3. A model with an insanely dark tan
4. Lotsa leg.
Just an observation.

The leopard is major.
Oh and judging from this shoot, is the turban coming back?


Yes, I'm shameless

A little mancandy to satiate you lasses (and lads) for the day...
VNY's Sean Opry.


Mad, by Marc Jacobs

So, turns out "The Hills" star Lauren "LC" Conrad only "helped out" backstage at the Marc Jacobs show, not walk in the show as been rumored. But she probably foreshadowed the bitchery and drama that would ensue for our favorite little former chubbie nerd turned muscly machoman superdesigner.

OVERALL, New York fashion week was a - how do you say it -underwhelming, repetitive, and uninspiring this season (as has been for many seasons actually). The show me and the rest of fashionland was anticipating - Marc Jacobs- totally deflated my...er, fashion boner. As crass as I may sound, I thought Marc would blow la Wintour and Menkes away with a sumptious collection, since the show did start 2 HOURS LATE. But critics have lambasted the delay which overshadowed the actual collection.

Fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune Suzy Menkes even said she would like to "murder [Marc] with her bare hands and never see another Marc Jacobs show as long as I live. " She also blasphemed Jacobs in her review, calling the collection "a freak's costume party", and accuses him of copycatting Rei Kawakubo, Martin Margiela, and John Galliano.

Village Voice's Lynn Yaeger said, "Only when I got to the front door at 9 [did I find out it was late]. I am livid. I don't know what to do. On the one hand, I feel like it's the most special night in fashion, on the other hand, I want to go home. It remains to be seen if he'll get away with it. I can't imagine what excuse you would have."

Elle creative director Joe Zee just wanted to "have more margaritas".

Rumors aswirled that he was at the Mercer, nursing a drink. There were whispers of a coke run. Marc's fiery defense:
"That is bullshit! That is bullshit!...I was at the f---ing office until the last fitting was over. I came back to the hotel — I hadn't been here in three days! I hadn't showered in three days! I slept on the couch in my office for 20 minutes three nights in a row — anyone at my office will tell you that. I got 20 minutes sleep Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night. The first shower I had was Monday at 8 before the rehearsal of our show. I did not have lunch, I did not have drinks, I did not have tea at the Mercer, I walked through the lobby; I live in this hotel. I hadn't been there — ask the reception at the hotel. When they saw me on Monday, they were like, 'We haven't seen you in days.' I lived in my office for three days in a row....My boyfriend was downstairs having dinner. I wasn't. I was at the rehearsal, I was at the office until the last minute. I took 20 minutes to shower and shave — I stank like a raccoon! I could not go to the show like that."

He also believes the combination of bumping up of fashion week two weeks early during Jewish holidays, with the closure of Italian factories in August, and his other collections (Marc by Marc, Marc by Marc Mens, Vuitton) is validation enough for the delay, and that it was good enough that he even showed at all. The fuming Marc is so "f-ing" mad that he is threatening not to show at NYFW at all and move all the way to Paris - with CFDA prez Diane von Furstenberg grovelling at at his feet for him to stay. It would be devastating for NY to show without MJ. We Americans would be left with Kimora Lee and Gwen Stefani as our homegrown designing stars. NOOOOO!
Yes, Marc has always been a notoriously late and anticipated show, but are the critics right - did he keep them waiting 2 hours too long? Or is Marc right, that he just was overworked, underappreciated, just didn't want to "stank like a raccoon"? Or maybe as his muscles inflate, so does his ego.

BUT on to what is important - the clothes!
The clothes that followed were, a bit below par, disappointing. This was more like Marc by Marc collection rather than the official eponymous collection. This is only my weak teenage observation, but there was a whole lot of half-assed garments. Jacobs said about the concept: "It's cartoon versions of all the women I know—conservative types, vamps, everybody." But the pastel color scheme and hair were all too remiscent of Comme des Garçons Fall 07 RTW. In addition, there were longshirts with an iron-on number on them that would probably take the average person mintues to concoct.

Also, a tad too much messy sheer shat.

However, I did find some of the frocks rather lovely

The shoes were insane! Heel coming from the ball of the foot?! A foot fetishist's dream.

The hair and makeup made me think of frazzled haired librarians who get a little on the side, judging from the provocateur aspect of the show.

All in all, I may sound a bit like a Marc-hater, but I am a Marc-o-phile at heart. But I tend to get a bit queasy when I see him design something like this:

News source- wwd


Roid Rage

Veronica Webb
I've always had an affinity for polaroids; there's just something so wonderful about a a little 4X4 square that slowly goes from blank to picture in a matter of seconds. Instant gratification is my thing I guess. Imagine my glee when I find out about RoidRage, from fashionista, a photo-website sort of like Patrick McMullan, only in polaroid form. Shot by Jeremy Kost, he covers anyone who is someone in New York. There's backstage at fashion shows, media events, polaroids of models, stars, and the occasional D-list whatsit.


Lily Cole

Debbie Harry


Bruna Tenorio

Mischa. On a side note, where are all these supposed movies she's making?


Models So Hungry, They Eat Runway

I KNOW these runway trip-ups and falls have been featured everywhere from YouTube to Access Hollywood and on millions of fashion blogs everywhere, but since fashion week is approaching and nymag did a feature on them, I couldn't help myself to do a recap on it. It's like when someone trips, it is instinctual to giggle, or maybe I'm just a cruel and heartless bitch and have had many embarassing tripping incidents in my own life that I feel entitled to laugh at another's humiliation. Especially if it's a model, because they need a little embarassment in their lives to offset their skinny, beautiful, yummy cocaine-filled lives.

Jessica Stam, Chloé, Fall 2006: One of the worst kinds of falls: when forehead hits floor.

Milana Bogolepova, Dior, Resort 2008: So, according to nymag, she tripped, came back up, and tripped again. Tipsy much?

Elise Crombez, Proenza Schouler, Spring 2007: It doesn't really matters that Elise fell; I was just so transfixed by her perfect tan.

Kamila W. at Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2007: Okay, now this fall, was excruciating. I actually caught this on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, of all places; that was how treacherous and widespread it was. It was bad enough she fell the first time, but I thought, well, at least she picked herself back up. And then the teetering began. Then the tottering...then finally her arse hit pavement...all whilst holding on to that damned watering can.

Iekeliene Stange: Marc Jacobs, Spring 2007: She became every self-proclaimed teenage fashionista's idol when she kicked off her hazardous MJ clompers and paraded the runway barefoot.

Lara Stone: Karl Lagerfeld, Spring 2007: Slip and slide runway. Does anyone even remember this? Shes so major these days, no one can recall.
Tiiu Kuik, Oscar De La Renta, Fall 2004: Now that came out of nowhere.

Naomi Campbell, Vivienne Westwood, 1993: The most infamous wipeout ever. Vengefully replayed over and over again on fat-arse Tyra's talk show and "modelling" competition.


Climatic Fashion

I am quite transfixed by Peter Bertsch's 2006 d'Hyeres 1,2,3 prizewinning collection of "half plant, half human" garments. It's part Venus flytrap, part Georgia O'Keefe painting, and part vajayjay. Fascinating.


Crayola Couture

THE fashion industry can be devastatingly pretentious sometimes. But then there are those times that the cold, frigid fashion world gains some heart. (Goodness,I sound like some Hallmark made-for-TV movie.)

The mentally disabled artists of Oakland, California's Creative Growth Art Center have depicted their own view of fashion, what they see in their eyes, by illustrating their favorite looks from the Fall07 collections. Paper Magazine showcased their works in the September issue, tranforming the runways of NY and Paris from an outsider's perspective. It's heartwarming to see how a thousand dollar Rodarte dress (rough estimate, I don't really know the price) can be interpreted into something so simple and good.
You can see these illustrations at Barney's New York from Sept 4-25.
Artist: Paulino Martin/Designer: Louis Vuitton
Artist:Luis Aguilera/Marc Jacobs
Artist:Merrit Wallace/Prada
Artist:David Alvarez/Rodarte
Artist:Paul Costa/Zac Posen
Artist:Alice Ung/Comme des Garçons
Artist:Maria Irma Bustillos /Missoni
Artist:Paul Costa/Pucci
Artists: Merritt Wallace, Paulino Martin, Barbara Rice/Isaac Mizrahi