agyness overload

Sick of Agyness? Too bad. i-D is so infatuated with the Agz that the magazine is devoting an entire May 08 issue to her, aptly called "The Agyness Deyn Issue." And when I mean an entire issue, I mean that practically every article and editorial features her, teeming with all the praise and glory that i-D could slather on. I know she is popular what with her androgyny and her past employment as a fish and chips gal, but come on, an icon? Oh girlfriend, please. The word "icon" is thrown around so incessantly that the word is rendered meaningless by now.

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a mcneil convert. again

Call me a flip flopper: Catherine McNeil can model. Goodness, I am the prime example of a McNeil hypocrite- first I laud her potential, then I pick at her damn eating habits, and her myspacey pictures. Now I say she grew from having one face to a plethora of expressions and contortions, as seen in this Numéro 92 April 2008 editorial shot by Greg Kadel. Perhaps its the bouffant hair, or McNeil's interpretation of the screaming Marc Jacobs mask (below), but I feel that girl gots variation in the face. If this doesn't convert all the McNeil critics, I don't know what will. I mean she grew out of that blah pretty face, when Mario Testino had that thing for her. What a difference a few seasons can make.
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alice burdeu and "top model"

Tyra's "Top Model" franchise hasn't only produced mediocrity; a winner actually emerged from her show: Alice Burdeu. She has broke the barrier between being a "Top Model" Winner and becoming an actual, well, model. Granted, the girl won "Australia's Next Top Model", but it still astounds me when actual successful models are produced out of the Ms. Bank's franchise, when the typical advice is to "smile with your eyes" or "squint to add eye intensity".

With her porcelain doll mug and Elson red hair, Alice Burdeu took advantage of the Elite contract she won, and ended up shuttling to New York, where she walked in Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, amongst others. Not only did she score big runway mileage in New York, she totally went to Dolce & Gabbana, Jil Sander, Moschino in Milan and walked Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten, McQueen, and others in Paris. And you know you dug yourself out of the stagnant depths of Top Model-dom when you've got a style.com and nymag profile, and constant hype and publicity.

I mean really, the American winners get contracts with Elite (an agency which is gaining momentum, what with head bobber Karlie Kloss and Ali Stephens) and Tyra shovels on a CoverGirl contract to top things off. Even after 10 cycles, America's Next Top Model winners have faded into obscurity while a rising star like Alice has risen to the top. Now, can someone demystify this contrast between the "winners" from America's Next Top Model and Alice Burdeu? Could it be Tyra's obssession with putting ratty weaves and extensions in the girl's hair during makeover time? Discuss.

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'fierce hot mess'

Saturday Night Live spoofed that Project Runway this week, with its own version of the show, "Fierce Hot Mess Makeover Show." Reason # 11232 why Amy Poehler is genius: She can do an insane Christian Siriano impersonation. She is truly, the reason I keep watching Saturday Night Live. (Also, because Andy Samberg is a little bit adorable, with his hair and whatnot)


Kate's Liberation

Hedi Slimane temporarily put aside his penchant for skinny male models in tightarsed Dior suits to focus on, well, skinny arsed model Kate Moss. Slimane celebrated International Women’s Day by photographing Kate Moss in her naked glory for an exhibit called "Kate's Liberation", being displayed in Tokyo starting March 8 . I don't know how La Moss scraggily lounging about shirtless with cigarettes and star shaped tambourines connects with International's Women's Day, but more power to all the women out there anyways!