Lolita Complex

Erin Fetherton goes the cutesy nympho route in her GO International collection for Tar-jay.


Gaudiness is an Acquired Taste

How does Beyonce manage to ruin Balenciaga?! Beyonce's penchant for bling bling bling has crossed over to much hyped Balenciaga leggings, and it's rather tragic to see. At the BET awards, she emerged from a robotic sarcophagus, and gyrated her "fineass junk" like she was the shit, when all in all, she just looked like a cheap chandelier earring from the 99 cent store. And don't those leggings only come in a size negative 1/0/2? Erm, I really can't imagine Nicolas Ghesquiere customizing a pair just for this booty humpin' performance. But then again, Beyonce somehow got ahold of a golden globe nomination for her gawawful "acting" so whatever.
Photos- yahoo, style.com


Rehab is the New Black

The new Marc Jacobs Fall 07 ads, are how do you say it, a great relief. Although the clothes are microscopic in the shot, thank god MJ replaced that prepubescent vexation, Dakota Fanning. Perhaps rehab let him clear his mind from his coke binges, cause his drug relapse was evident by his choice to put that infantile little child in his spring ads. She is growing up though- she gets raped in her next movie. Oh, the vagaries of child stars...


Minimalism at its best

Suvi Koponen in the Fall Calvin Klein ads, taking over for Natalia, who is on maternity leave for her third child. Suvi's really owning up to the title of Finland's Next Top Model, which she won in 2005. Puts America's Next Top Model/trashbag to shame, cos all our winners do is walk in Baby Phat fashion shows next to transvestite Kimora Lee Simmons. Sigh...


Too Soon

Gianfranco Ferré dies of brain hemorrage in Milan. He was 62. Sad, sad.


Prada, Prada Everywhere

While reading the style bubble post on turban outbreaks, I checked out Prada.com, but instead of seeing a vacant, random advert of Sasha P. there was this refreshing PDF featuring looks from the spring 07' colleccion.
Not the typical style.com runways pics, Miuccia definitely got carried away by the lovely thing called photoshop, and filtered the otherwise plain photograph into silkscreens, and cropped models into exotique locales around the world. Bellissimo, no?


Cherub Cheeks

Let's all let out a collective "Awwww," at this picture of Laura Hollins, now known as Agyness Dean, at the tender age of 5.

Mother Lorraine, with Agyness, 17

When she was 14, Laura Hollins worked part-time working at The Village Chippy in Stubbins, Lancashire, serving deep-fried chips to the transfats lovin' customers in a rather unfashionable hairnet.

During her teenage punk phase while shmoking cigarettes and hanging with BFF Henry Holland, Agy would dye her cropped hair a "variety of colours and styles, including black, red, blonde, pink, shaved and chequerboard." I would totally kill to see Agy's scalp resemble a Van's checkered shoe, wow.

Funny to think that this girl will later become the face of Armani, Mulberry, shot by Steven Meisel for all things Vogue, touted as the next Kate Moss and Britain's shining beacon of supermodel light. Oh, and being known for that one phallus-inspired House of Holland slogan. Yeah.



The baby-doll-alien-bug-eyed-beauteous-freak-of-nature model phase ain't dying off. Even with the onslaught of hard, steelcut models like Suvi Koponen and Lara Stone, there's still these going to be these 16 year olds like Masha Tyelna (women) with peepers as big as saucers that barely fit the size of her head. One would need a yardstick to measure those protuberances, jeees. Although I can say, she does fill that Jil Sanders quotient quite well with her disturbingly surreal features.

Photos- Style.com, COACD