paris doesn't want ali michael

"It's hard to imagine Miss Michael, a willowy, 5-foot-9-inch teenager, being told her legs are too fat. Last season, Miss Michael made herself sick keeping her weight down, said her mother. Miss Michael's reward was to be heralded as the next supermodel. "
--Wall Street Journal

Sigh. The rapidly growing story is that Ali Michael, 17 year old model du jour, was sent home from the Fall 08 Paris shows, because she gained five pounds. The only show she walked in over there was the Yohji Yamamoto show. Quite a departure from the Parisian runways she walked in last year, which included Dior, Chanel, Lanvin, Christian Lacroix. It's all sorts of heartwrenching, no matter how omnipresent concave models are. I mean, in the picture at left, look at the Lily Donaldson (I had to look it up on style.com to make sure) in the pink dress next to Ali, leaning over. Ouch.


it's called being presidential

The 2008 election is full of constant chaos on both sides, with all that bizness concerning Hillary's schizophrenic antics with Obama, Obama's unstoppable momentum, delegates, supernumerarypenultimatedelegates etc. etc. It's rather overwhelming. Why not let loose with a delightful tee showcasing ya candidate of choice. The Obama shirt, $25, made by San Francisco company Upper Playground, is a hit amongst Hollywood stars like Ryan Phillipe. The Clinton shirt, 38$, made by Marc Jacobs, which he first made in 2004, is being offered again at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores. All money goes towards each respective candidate's campaign.


posh gets saucy

I admit- I look forward to every new MJ ad with Posh. Overrated, yeah maybe. But whether she's submerged in a bag or stepping out of a gift box, the ads never fail to amuse me. And Posh as a saucy orange minx of an angel is so major...that is, so Posh. This probably makes up having her legs splayed out in that MJ bag, hah.
photo- chic report


this is too blatant

Usually, its Forever 21 or H&M coping off other designers clothes. Heck, F21 even copied the Proenza Schouler for Target line. But Marc Jacobs, just basically slapped "Marc Jacobs 1984" onto a scarf made in Harjedalen, Sweden by Gosta Olofsson in the 1950s. Olofsson celebrated the village by designing a limited quantity of scarves depicting jovial bears and quaint churches. Olofsson has attempted to contact MJ, to no avail...yet. Hm, I wonder how MJ will talk himself out of this one...maybe a sincere blog comment a la Cathy Horyn?


Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu is all about the printz - floral, floaty, chiffon print dresses. I first saw his designs in (ha), US Vogue, and was piqued by the sweeping floral creations. Of course, then I totally googled him, and found bits and pieces of his biography. Born in Nigeria, Olowu first started out as a lawyer before delving into fashion. His signature "Duro" dresses, with the empire waist billowing and the vivid prints, caught the eye of US and British Vogue. He eventually won "New Designer of the Year" in 2005 at the British Fashion Awards. He is influenced by both Nigeria and England in his designs, what with the innovative London and the culture of Lagos, his hometown. I must give kudos to La Wintour for featuring him, there I said it.

photos- nymag


Nina Ricci layers it up

Elite superstars Karlie Kloss and Courtney Smerski front the Nina Ricci campaign. Seriously, ever since Olivier Theyskens took the reins, Nina Ricci can't do anything wrong. From the acidic backdrop to the laurel hair pieces, and the insane layers upon layers, spring 08 ads got a whole lot more interesting.

photos-fashion verbatim


Shenanigans at London Fashion Week:
Abnormally large pupiled Masha Tylena wears giant egg on head for Basso & Brooke...
Vivienne Westwood pulls a PETA, having some of the models hold signs protesting unjustly incarcerated Guantanamo Bay prisoners...
Agyness Deyn acquires a case of pinkeye - and conceals it on the runway with a tartan eyepatch. Oh that Agyness...


polaroid goes under : (

Sad - Polaroid is shutting down its instant film factories due to the overwhelming demand for digital cameras and the like. They already ceased production on instant cameras, and will only make enough film to last through this year. This really blows for the fashion industry, who rely on polaroids for instant unphotoshopped model shots, fashion show looks, makeup shots, and so on. And seriously...what will happen to roidrage?!

Freja, Irina, pondering on the loveliness that is polaroid
Photo- roidrage


Jovovich Hawk for Target

The Jovovich-Hawk for Target's full collection is out- and its totally perfect for those who aspire to be a Mischa Barton or a Sienna Miller during her bohemian phase. Milla and Carmen nailed the California shlepster look down flat for the masses...yes.Photos-jezebel


pretty ghostly

Rodarte has hyped far and beyond, while being labeled as a mere show of cheap arts and crafts, and notoriously dismissed by Cathy Horyn as "shapeless sacks". Frankly, I can't see any fault in the sisters Mulleavy. They have shown another collection of beautiful chiffon genius, with dresses as sheer as the stick-thin models wearing them (see Karlie Kloss, above). Again, another collection inspired by Japan, this time by the horror element of the culture. And the gothic and ghostly makeup prevent the clothes from veering towards saccharine sweet prettiness. Although, is it wrong to say I want to wear Rodarte to my prom?

Photos- style.com