That Perm

"The worst thing I ever wore was legwarmers when I was in school. I not only wore them, I used to wear two or three pairs. Everything was some shade of dusty mauve and rose, what I call 'ishy colors.' At the time I was wearing a burgundy boot. Fortunately, there are no photographs."
-Micheal Kors

That hair, plus the aforementioned legwarmers, screeches Richard Simmons. The 80's were tough on Micheal Kors.

Backstage at his show in 1984.



evil is georgina

(Sorry for the subsequent gossip girl induced exclamation-point-laced rant.)

OMG WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH GEORGINA?! Why is she so psychotic, yet still possesses that effortless Alexander Wang modellish style at the same time??!! (Although I heard her style is influenced by Lindsay Lohan, eeek) And that was suuuch an anticlimax about Serena's "secret." Why do I get so emotionally invested in a CW teenage drama??! Although I bet I'm not the only one clacking away on their keyboards like proclaiming their abhorrence for Georgina Sparks on their blogs. God, that Michelle Trachtenberg, I still remember when she was Harriet the Spy. God she plays such a good bitch too.


aggy's plastic doppelganger

Yeah, and I thought i-D was overdoing it; Rootstein Display Mannequins molded their mannequins in the likeness of Aggy, HOH shirt and all.