Katie Wintour

Katie's new hair just upped her bitch factor by at least 30%.



Versace Hair

One of the things I've wanted forever: Versace hair. It's all about the lush, flowy, italian sex machine look that I spent way too much time striving for. Sadly my attempts are futile, no matter how many darned 3-inch Conair rollers I stick in my head, I just end up with a bad case of frizz and shizz. I remember as a dim-witted adolescent, I listened to Seventeen magazine and used a toilet paper roll and foil as DIY rollers, and I just looked a fool. Clearly, the depths of desperation is Seventeen magazine hair advice. My only solution is incessantly flipping my head up and down, like a maniacal narcissist. So, reader, what are your hair issues, if any?

I can't do this^



The names behind the faces...

Contemplative. Seductive. Lazyeyed. Such are the some of the descriptions of Shopbop models. The blank stares of Shopbop models lure customers in and finally, fashionista puts names behind those faces we love/hate.

PENSIVE! The redhead notorious for her glazed expression is Elena with Elite Chicago.
SULTRY! Iskra, from Elite Chicago. Evidently, she is teeming with excitement!

INTENSITY. Le Call is also with Elite Chicago, in her 30s, and is dating Owen Wilson.

Photos- Shopbop


Catherine McNeil noshes on nuts...

Catherine McNeil has a boring, pretty face, and pretty boring diet too. New York Mag chronicled her week's worth of food in a rather humorously titled article "Model Catherine McNeil Finds Comfort in Chicken Burgers", even though she was nowhere near a chicken burger that week. An example of an entry:

"Wednesday, November 7-I worked from 11 am to 7 p.m., shooting for Another magazine. I had a handful of nuts and some fruit for breakfast on the job. For lunch I had some vegetables and salad. When I got home, I was so tired that I passed out, so I didn’t eat dinner. "

So, I learned that she frequently skips dinner, mainly subsists on nuts and salads and fruits, and that she eats. Provocative.



Dynamic Leg Action.

Daria in Numéro 88, shot by Greg Kadel. One can always count on Daria for sex, cigarettes, muscularity, and to show off the latest in animal printwear. Oooh pink leopard with cutouts, classy!




Angi, Adi, and Gabi of Threeasfour stroll through Chinatown with Doutzen, and a gaggle of tourists. See, there are normal size people in Vogue!

The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards fascinate me; there's something about bringing a label out of obscurity and thrusting them in the icy face of Anna Wintour that greatly appeals to me. (Especially in the case of Proenza Schouler; Jack and Lazaro are totally Anna's buttboys). It's no surprise if Phillip Lim wins this year (hello, the white floral shirtdress craze) but I'm drawn to the designs of Threeasfour. Threeasfour originated in 2001, in New York with four young, downtown designers: Adi, Ange, Kai and Gabi. They even shared a bed together as young, burgeoning yet
poor designers, how cute! Although Kai left to start up an eponymous line, the remaining three wound up as CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists. With such avant garde names, it is no wonder that these avant garde garments are simply exquisite. I am such a sucker for flowy ruffled shiz, sigh.

Photos- Style.com


Natalie Hershlag

BEFORE she sported huge cinnabon hairpieces as Queen Amidala in Star Wars, Natalie Portman (real name:Natalie Hershlag) was a model. Here she is at 14, modeling for Isaac Mizrahi's line, before he became synonymous with everything Target. As Yoda would say in that daft accent of his, "Stunning and gorgeous she is utterly."
Also, this is proof that child models do succeed in the world and don't always end up in Promises.


The day after...

Halloween was yesterday-aka the slut's excuse for dressing super sluttier. (example: Paris and Britney) Seriously, I went to school and I was bombarded by girls in costumes that flashed their baby factories. Any sex shop costume you could imagine: numerous 'cops' (complete with real handcuffs), dirrrty strawberry shortcake, even a dick in a box. It's the sign of the times... Anywho, enough about the Sodom & Gomorra that is my school, and onto what fashionland wore on Halloween:

Stephan Gan as Vishnu and Gemma Ward as Lakshmi. Gaining a few pounds have been good to her; she's getting to that Victoria's Secret-Gisele range.

Roberto Cavalli as Karl. Evidently, the only difference between the two is a baby food diet.

James Kaliarnos as Donatella. He looks just like that blonde biiiiiiiiiitch.

Daria Werbowy as a ghost.

Chloe Sevigny as a bondage warrior.

Josh Harnett as Bob Dylan.

Cory Kennedy as...well...Cory Kennedy with two loaves of jesus bread in her hands. She's a character in herself.

Behati Prinsloo looking like Kate Moss with a fatal coke overdose.

IMG star Heidi Mount and Hilary Rhoda.

Olsen twins no?
Photos -Patrick McMullan, Kathy Lo