Neon pink isn't just for a jogger from 1980...

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I was giddy when I heard Proenza Schouler's collaboration with Target, but I burst in applause when I heard that Jack and Lazaro decided to join Lancôme's Pout-à-Porterline to make an ultra limited edition lipstick based on the neon yet nude pink shade they displpayed at the P&S Spring 07 show. All I have to do is stand outside of Neiman/Saks in the dead SF morning of January when it releases, to ensure myself a tube. mmmmhmmm.


Richie vs. Zoe: ¡Parte dos!

I imagine her saying in that microphone, " Yay, ever since I dumped Rachel Hoe, I finally have cleavage!"

In a blatant attempt to replace the now resolved Paris-Nicole bitchfest, Nicole Richie has now set her eyes on Rachel Zoe as her new enemy.
In a thinly veiled bitchtacular myspace post, Nicole wrote about a former employee:

"Blind Item: What 35-year-old raisin face whispers her order of 3 peices (sic) of asparagus for dinner at Chateau (Marmont) every night, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me, and used her last paycheck I wrote her to pay for a publisist (sic) instead of a nutritionist? HINT: Her nickname is lettucecup..."

Oh lord, right when she mentioned raisin face, I automatically revert to Zoe. I mean it looks like she smokes a 565,600 cartons a day! As I said to my friend M. Donna on aim the other day,

Donna: with all her money Britney can buy rachel zoe although nicole and mischa fired her? hmm

Teresa: Because rachel zoe encourages nicole to stick a toothbrush up her moof after every meal and she deals clenbuterol and she is so wrinkly! her face looks like my big toe after a long shower...lay off puff the magic dragon rachel, you ain'ts a model, you's only 5'2 girlfriend! (Yes, I know, I speak like Lil' Kim on crack when I'm on aim)


It's a girl!

Sophia Coppola gave birth to a baby girl today, Romy Coppola Mars. (father is musician Thomas Mars)

Shiloh, Suri, meet your newest future BFF Romy Coppola Mars! (Although that would be so ugga if they hung out each other)


MK, Row me away!

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Mary Kate and Ashley have finally grew out of their glitter lip gloss business at Walmart and finally started their own line of tees and cashmeres tailored to couture perfection, chicly named The Row, after "...Savile Row, the London street world famous as a destination for timeless tailoring" (US VOGUE NOV06) On the Today show, (Thank god for tivo) they slipped that the collection is already selling at Barneys! Which is futile for me since I don't live in NY! But, anywho, I lurve that $150 tee on Lily Aldridge, one of my fave models ever since that Johnny Cash "Walk the Line" Levi's commercial. It's nice to see that after nepotistic internships with Zac Posen and Annie Leibovitz, the Olsens definitely do not want to be labeled as people who shop, drink, partay at Koi, hire and fire stylists, and go to the all -you- can -sniff clenbuterol buffet for a living. (I'm talking about you, Nicole and Paris)

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(Scan from fashionologie)


Double take

When I got my December W (late in the mail of course), at first glance, I thought it was Helena Christensen.




The only time you'll see Kate Moss in a scrunchie...

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Kate Moss and Vicky Pollard in Little Britain.


Factory Girl

"I never seen a girl with so many problems"
Is anyone as amped to see this movie as I? As the typical fashion blogging girl, I ADORE Edie Sedgwick and her Superstar lifestyle (although it did lead to her demise), all while maintaining an exuberant fashion sense, and of course I do have those Urban Outfitters tees plastered with her face on them. I don't know if it's going to be as bad as the critics say it is, although the trailer did sucked me in, but I'm still going to shell out a tenner to see Mary Kate "act" for the first time since New York Minute. And plus, me love Andy Warhol long time. I hope Sienna does Edie well. Release date: December 29, 2006.


Naomi pulls a Gibson

"Naomi Campbell, who has been accused of hitting several of her employees, was sued Tuesday by a former maid who says the British catwalker viciously assaulted her while calling her a dumb Romanian.

Gaby Gibson filed the lawsuit on the eve of Campbell's scheduled Manhattan Criminal Court appearance on charges of hitting another employee. Gibson's court papers say Campbell, far from being a supermodel, is a "violent super-bigot."

Campbell, 35, "subjected Gibson to repeated discriminatory assaults based on her national origin" by saying, "You are not in the Third World any more, stupid," and "Romanians are not usually as dumb as you," Gibson's court papers say.

"As Gibson was bent over searching the closet for the Stella McCartney jeans, Campbell either kicked or punched the back of Gibson's head during the assault while yelling discriminatory comments at Gibson," the court papers say."(

"Violent super-bigot?!" I thought the maid just lost her Chip and Pepper jeans! Or maybe that was another one of her many severe bitchfits. Anywho, I guess we can look forward to an interview with Diane Sawyer, full of "Are you racist?" questions and erratic facial expressions. Coincidentally, her maid's name is Gibson, how ironic. I bet Tyra is going to go giddy with this Naomi racist debacle on her crap talk show, yet again. All I have to say is Boo you Naomi. Yet again.


That's enough cake now

As I was flipping through my Vanity Fair, I couldn't not say anything about this:

Can Juicy Couture get anymore Marie Antoinette or what?


H&M must love Viktor and Rolf now

So, today was the launch of the highly anticipated chic-for-cheap line by Viktor and Rolf at H&M. There were record lines of bargain shoppers and fashion enthusiasts, waiting for a taste of couture for mere dollars. The most prized item was, I believe, the lovely, frothy-fun $349 wedding dress. There were only 1000 of them made, which made it even more coveted. It was so nuts, people had floor maps of the store to make sure they got to the good stuff first. The Viktor and Rolf collection sure blew Karl's and Stella's collection away with the theme of pretty hearts and pretty arrows . The items sold out faster than you can say "BITCH, OH NO YOU DI'INT JUST TAKE MY DAMN TULLE BUBBLE SKIRT!"

I found this anecdote on mtvnews and I could totally relate:
Susan Chau, a 26-year-old grad student who had been waiting since 8 a.m., was on the verge of tears. Because of her petite size, she was unable to grab at items, and if she did, other women would snag them from her. "I really want the black trench coat," she said. "But I am physically not capable of getting it."

Last time I checked, the black trenchcoat was on ebay, fetching upwards of $300.
Sadly, I was not able to join in on this fashion frenzy, because of school. Which is sad because I live near 3 H&Ms, all of which are clustered in a 5 block radius. I was fooled by the false hope that there may actually be V&R stuff there tomorrow, which is a day off. Why, does the school have a day off the day AFTER the Viktor and Rolf launch? Useless!
Stupid, stupid, STUPID school. I'll be posting more about my STUPID school later on, to tell you how ridiculous the top trend is: Dora the explorer blankets.

I learned the truth at 17...

So, it's official. Atoosa Rubenstein, beloved cow at Hearst, has resigned as editor of Seventeen magazine. Her reason? She wanted to create her own web-based teen business, surveying her target group through her myspace. As youngest editor at Hearst, she launched CosmoGirl! and took the reins of Seventeen, where she inspired fatties (like me) that they can be top magazine editors even if you have a huge schnozz and Borat-ish eyebrows while being a slacker in high school (also, like me)! So, best of luck fAtoosa! (P.S. I forgive you for putting Paris Hilton on your cover every single year.)
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We'll miss you Jigsaw, I mean, Atoosa!
Photo Credits-Seventeen, Tvgasm


Frock Star

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'Karl (Lagerfeld) saw me before anybody had any interest! He said,"Look at this weird looking hairy girl! Too skinny! Too much hair!" People were like, "What do we do with it?" Karl was like,"Put her in couture!" ' (As told to The Daily)
Irina Lazareanu


In the garden of Eden, on acid

I think November's W, just pops. And they pulled a Gaultier and put plus sized models in the shoot, in the nude. (Duh, garden of Eden theme.) Are they celebrating body shapes, or exploiting it? Hmm...you decide.
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Freja looks like a dreamboat on acid. In a good way, of course.
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Usually, clowns are spawn of the devil, but they just look great in this picture.
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Balenciaga silhouettes. Loves it.