Beachy Keen

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Ralph Lauren regular Hannah Davis rocks yet another campaign. (no pun intended) Kinda veered towards the teenage demographic, but you can't deny that Hannah has awesome beach waves. I envy.


gemma femme

Since my 300 dollar computer is on the fritz, (yes, my parents are cheap), I'll be computerless for a awhile, but when I come upon a computer, I'll muster up a blog whenever I can.
So, here are the new LV spring/summer 07 ads featuring a sophisticated Gemma Ward with a pretty smoldering eye thing going on.
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It's nice to see Gemma NOT look like Dakota Fanning once in a while. The only other time I ever saw Gemma do semi/nude was in March 06 Vogue Italia shot by Steven Meisel. Wonderful.
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Peroxide Babies

Is it me, or has everyone combed a vat of Clorox in their hair?

I'm kinda on the fence with Mary Kate's new do. On one hand, I applaud her for taking fashion risks, (even when they're fashion misses) but from far away, she can very well be mistaken for Christina Aguilera.

And of course, fashion darling, Agyness Deyn, has been rocking a platinum pageboy cut that have been booking her for shows like Zac Posen, Marc by Marc, Lanvin and more. A true model is one who can have a bowl cut and still rock the hell out of it. And how grand are those Lanvin sunglasses? Me want!

Mariacarla Boscono rocking the pretty ethereal Mia Farrow -in -Rosemary's Baby- Cut that has been making her ever so popular these days. God, I love it when a simple snip of the scisscors can define a model's career. Just, love it.

Sadly, I cannot say the same for Gwen Stefani.

Her new blunt "bob" (are we really supposed to believe that hair is real?) is really making me uncomfortable. I prefer the pre-pregnancy Gwen, with her Jean Harlow waves and Harajuku girls that actually look as though they were from Japan. I can't believe Gwen forced her mute back up dancers to wear her same ridiculous blonde wig and poorly designed jumpers from her LAMB line that are suppose to resemble lambs. There's a fine line between being stylishly witty and being ridiculously crap. And sadly, for Gwen, that line has dissolved, bigtime.


A thousand dollar trashbag

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First the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, then the YSL muse bag, now the new IT bag is...a $1000 Chanel trashbag? Yes, it's true, Chanel's Cabas Vinyl Shopper is sparking a waiting list of hopefuls itching to tote the large trashbagesque purse on their arms. Goes to show that when you slap on a couple of interlocking C's on something as simple as a trash bag, (To be fair, it's polyester), and put a ribboned chain on it, people will still go wild for it. I mean , you can totally look at it as chic and sophisticated in a modern interpretation, but you can also think of it as a Chanel-Hefty trashbag collaboration at the same time.

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Ironic- Kate Moss, the one model who can model a trash bag and still make it sell, is carrying a trashbag.

H&M: Harajuku Style

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Is this a huge H&M or what? Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) have plans to build a 1500 sq. meter H&M in Tokyo's premier shopping district, Harajuku. Although its still under construction, it's set to open in autumn of 2008. Goodness gracious, that's tall.


“We expect, we don’t dictate, a certain style of dress.”

Seriously, this is the first time I've ever heard Nuclear Wintour speak.


Scarlett Fever

Scarlett Johansson's S/S07 Louis Vuitton ads taken by the genius duo, Mert and Marcus has that floral trend going on and the slight 50's pinup look and I love it. I know I'll never go logo, but you gotta love the ads. This girl knows how to rock pink hair, mmmmhmm.
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Raw Sienna

Just when I think Sienna has gone the way of LaHohan, she wows the me with the cover of W magazine, shot by the briliante, Craig McDean. The simplistic lingerie shots are exemplary, and it reveals a realness to Sienna.


I wish Jack and Lazaro were my BFF

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So, I was flipping through my Dec. Vogue in Maths as usual, and I came upon an article about the Proenza Schouler capsule colleccion for Target. All I have to say is, I want that purple dress with their signature bustier detail. And it's only 40 dollars. Sorry for the poor pictures, I had them with my cell crammed in my desk in class without my hawk of a teacher noticing. My god I am still shocked, 40 dollars for a piece of signature Jack and Lazaro in your closet! Mark your calendars, I can't wait till February rolls around!
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Brasilian Bombshells, and then some

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Every year, I watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, a majority of the models are just commercial imports from Brazil, and I don't mind seeing Gisele EVERYWHERE, she's literally carrying the term "Supermodel" in her pretty mass of blonde hair. Now that Tyra retired, we can finally see less fat jiggling. Sorry to those Tyra fans out there. But I usually tune in to see the rare glimpse of Julia Stegner or Hana S., Caroline Winberg and Oluchi strutting like real models. Without Tyrafat jiggling. Okay I'll stop now capping on her now. Just watch the show!


When you think H&M can't get any more affordable...

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...It does. H&M had released it's new "Gift of the Day" dealie that has an item way way WAY marked down from the original price everyday from December 1 to December 24. You can snatch that leather John Travolta in Grease-like chaqueta for a significant lover for mere pennnies. (Or more accurately, 2990 pennies)