Alcoholics Anonymous

Not so secret: I have a major tree fetish.
I'm much too busy with school and summer assignments to blog for a while, so here's an idea: Comment to this post about absolutely ANYTHING in the world, ANONYMOUSLY. Let's see where this goes..


Smells Like Teen Spirit

DISCOVERED by IMG Models Senior VP Ivan Bart and actress Liv Tyler, Prada star Irina Kulikova is only 16, 5'11, Russian, gorgeous, and pure model jailbait. It's craaazy the ages that models hit their prime these days. Simply preposterous to the average person, but the norm in fashionland.

For example, 16-year-old Tanya D. replaced the ancient* 27-year-old Carmen Kass in Micheal Kors ads, selling belted shirt dresses to fifty year olds and Debra Messing.

And then there's Chanel Iman. Don't get me started on her. Cover of US Vogue at 15. At 15, I was in Algebra, sitting next to a boy who ferociously picked his nose every ten minutes. Sick.
And then there's Ali Micheal, Georgia Frost, Tallulah Morton etc. etc.
Lolita complex much?
On an olfactory note, I really love Marc Jacobs' new eau de parfum, Daisy. Great, light, floral feminine scent. I love the ads, starring who else, underaged commodity Irina K. and now, I WANT A HUGE GALLON SIZED BOTTLE. Strange.

*I will always hold great reverence to Carmen Kass though


Unicorn Vomit

This Nu-Rave photo makes me sweat glitter and piss rainbows and shit fluorescent glowsticks. Whilst listening to the Klaxons and wearing a pound of neon eyeshadow and a bejeweled House of Holland tee. Bleeergh.

"In My Tribe" editorial from Fashion Rocks by Steven Meisel avec Gemma, Iselin, Lily D., Sasha P., Trentini, Agynesszzzzzz.
Scans: ohnotheydidnt


Bird Fetish

I heart beastiality-inspired editorials. And Lara Stone. And Suvi with blue hair and faux tatoos!

Mert and Marcus: Wild Roses Sept. W magazine


A Sad Demise

I guess Elle gave Lindsay a farewell present featuring her in September's Fall fashion issue since she's facing up to six years in the slammer. The article parallels many of her previous interviews with various magazines-the whole swearing offa alcohol quotes, paparazzi swarms, portable spray tan sessions etc. Seriously, magazines just have to print the same story over and over again without an interview. But, I'll really miss her sexy, sexy orange melanoma-ed skin, her punctual acting chops, and her exquisite cocaine-induced DUI arrests- NOT.


An Ensemble Piece

As I was flimming through the Sept. Vanity Fair, I came upon the new Moschino ad, shot by Peter Lindbergh, featuring all Asian models, which is a rare occurance in the American fashion circuit. Usually I see ads depicting a Hye Park or Du Juan in the corner sharing facetime with a gaggle of Gemmas and Darias (ex: Cavalli, YSL, LV, Fall06) so this is new. Anyway, alls I wants to say is the messy bobs and sickly sweet babydoll-ness of the garments reminds me of the women-spies in those 70's chinese exploitation spy films my father watches. (He had a thing for asian women assassins and killing machines in cheongsam dresses. And blaxploitation Foxxy Brown films. In short, anything related to 70's exploitation films.) TMI, but it's true haha. And the morbidly fascinating Daul Kim is featured on the ladder, which I like.

Models: Daul Kim, Emma Pei, girl who's name I don't know, Eugenia Mandzhieva, Ai Tominaga, Tao Okamoto
photo: asian models blog


A Nonsensical 100th Post

Chilean Flamingos in SF
I went to the zoo today, attempting to take Bruce Weberesque photos avec my 12 year old Polaroid Spectra.
So I quote Charlotte from Lost in Translation: "...every girl goes through a photography phase...taking dumb pictures of your feet."
I am totally going through that phase like a looooon. On loon tablets.
Yeah I quote Georgia Nicolson too like all the other 124819234 bloggers in the world.