under the influence of wine...house

The Amy Winehouse influence on fashion has been far and wide, almost to an Agyness Deyn-like vexation. Even as she goes through a downward spiral, she's been emulated sickeningly from Chanel to French Vogue. However, I admit to being under the influence of Winehouse at times, slathering on more black eyeliner than necessary or fucking my hair up into a bouffant nest. But I really liked Korean Numero's take on the troubled singer, featuring my favorite model, Daul Kim, carrying the weight of a small child on her head in the form of a beehive do. How fun!

Also, check out Daul's blog, I Like To Fork Myself, full of amusing and enjoyably morbid tribulations on fashion, art, culture, philosophy, and pet hamsters. Seriously her take on Steve Aoki's "dj-ing" is more than enough reason for me to admire her more.



mary kate speaks

I haven't heard Mary Kate speak for about a decade, so it was quite a surprise to see her amble out on David Letterman last night, promoting her film, "The Wackness" in all her disheveled bag lady glory. I found her quite charming actually, with her nonchalant old-lady posture, insane nest-like bedhead and dazed stoned out voice. Ooooh and I love how she totally capped on that douchebag Spencer Pratt and his little temper tantrums on the soccer field when they were in high school. Anyone who realizes the sheer uselessness of Spencer Pratt, I admire.


blow your rent on this

I get that the whole "distressed" thing is a trend and all but $1,595 seems a tad steep for the Mulberry Metallic Milton Tote, which looked as if it has been dragged through the Mojave Desert and then blowtorched a teensy bit. Then again there are those who get their manicures done chipped and distressed on purpose to imitate Amy Winehouse, so go figure. I think this is a passive way to encourage the general people to buy vintage, yeah?


Gasp, no Chanel Iman cover!

The eagerly anticipated all-black Vogue Italia cover is out, featuring a four page foldout of Liya Kebede, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, and Naomi Campbell. I am totally shelling out a twenty to buy it, joblessness be damned, because its about time that diversity is highlighted in any Vogue magazine, and my lack of income will not impede me. And Tyra looks pretty unrecognizable without the weave and "smiling with your eyes" technique. It's Meisel, subtlety at his best.


petey blue steels it for VMAN

(Inspired by the Haiku contest over at Daddy Likey)

Is it me or does
look John Mayer...ish?


give your eyelashes an orgasm

I'm always on the prowl for some good mascara - the thicker the better, the sluttier (pardon my french) the better. So, imagine my utter awe and slight wariness when Estee Lauder announced they were coming out with a vibrating mascara, Turbolash, for 30 bucks. How the hell can you prevent gouging your eye out with that thing? Well I'll try anything once, and this is one way I can squander my stimulus check on...


ALT, a man of substance

Oh Andre Leon Talley, you always manage to make an entrance what with your dramatic capes and festive suits. This time you really one-upped at the CFDAs in the accessories department with a turban (how very Prada spring 07) , mauve crocodile coat, satin purple flats and soon-to-be-convicted Naomi Campbell arm candy. God I so want to meet this man in person someday.



Yves Saint Laurent Dies at 71

"The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves. But for those who haven't had the fortune of finding this happiness, I am there."
-Yves Saint Laurent, 1983

Yves Saint Laurent passed away in Paris today at the age of 71.