Ultimate Stairmaster

Only the Kaiser could stage the F/W Fendi show on Oct 19 at the fortress against Ghengis Khan: the Great Wall of China. So, the Chinese built this military stronghold, with the most strenuous labor, toil, resulting in numerous deaths, just so Karl and the gang could showcase the new Fendi bag to Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Kate Bosworth. Such elitism never seemed so prominent and contradictory in a communist country.

I must commend the models in heels that shuffled up and down those stairs; seriously, when I climbed the Great Wall last year, I had a cardio orgasm, and plus the stairs were crumbling and uneven which made me feel like I was going to fall flat on my face with every step.
Silvia Fendi & Karl Lagerfeld
Tinsley Mortimer (useless US Vogue fave), Amanda Hearst (ditto), Zani Gugelman, Julia Restoin Roitfeld
Thandie Newton

Kate Bosworth and Ziyi Zhang wear major furry whatsits. Is it skunk fur? Panda? Yeti? Dyed Snuffleupagus?
Photos- Gettyimages


discothequechic said...

I feel slightly sick, like I'm suffering from decadence poisening.

It does seem kind of wrong, like cluture bashing, but then again, Karl never fails to pull it out of the bag.


Meg said...

You have admire how the Kaiser is losing his mind in a grand manner.

riz said...

I didn't get Thandie's yellow dress - isn't that sort of out of season?? Bosworth and Ziyi's furs were dramatic to say the least...

Inner French Girl said...


My name is Severine Grimaud. I am the editor of Inner French Girl. We do a feature in our daily newsletter on blogs we really like. I love yours. It is very funny. I am going to feature your blog tomorrow and have an award graphic for you to display on your blog but I can't find an email for you. Can you email me at severine@innerfrenchgirl.com? Thanks

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Egh, I've always thought those OTT furs looked disgusting. And handbags have never really done anything for me, so I'm a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.
Personally, I'd feel a bit insulted if someone tried to use a historical monument in my country that way, but given that China is one of those 'huge emerging markets for luxury' countries, I suppose they thought it was worth it. Meg's still right though, Karl Lagerfeld must be going mad.