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I was salivating for the next W magazine Art issue - remember the phantasmagoric Eden edit. by Mario Sorrenti and Richard Tuttle? And me love me some Richard Prince, who was touted as the feature story in this issue. However, this year's art issue is truly puzzling. First of all the cover: Plain and simple, it's just a red carpet image ripped off from Getty Images, with a manipulation of the autograph by Prince himself. Then he uses a gaggle of other celebrities and shIT girls and etchs their autographs onto paparazzi pictures as well. I know Prince is fond of reproducing photographs to his own liking, copyright infringements be damned. Tis' be art, or is W going the way of the US Weekly?

(This is the first and last time Jessica Simpson appears in this blog)
Photos- W


discothequechic said...

yes, the cover is rather shieous. The inside pictures are a little improvement, but this is all rather odd.

Just weird because this concept could have worked really well if he tried a bit harder don't you think?

S xx

Juliet said...

not art for me.

juliet xxx

riz said...

Yeah! I totally agree, and if this is the cover it's truly LAME. The content in the issue is great. There's this Baldessari spread that looks pretty good. But the cover looks so cheap - for W.

Iheartfashion said...

I was so disappointed in my boring Jennifer Anniston-People Mag-style cover!

Susan said...

OMFG I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED TOO! I saw it on my porch like "wtf?!"
Looks like they ran out of ideas!