Blow Up

I have only recently realized the wonderous Marilyn Minter. Born in 1948, Minter has since been making painting and photographs of close-up glamour, fashion and sex sex SEX. There is an grotesque beauty that belies each work, whether it be a dripping wet pout or an eye covered in pounds of glitter. The ever-miniscule details are depicted and sensualized, making each piece of art voyeuristic, abstract. Even the filthy feet photos have a fetishized quality to them. Marilyn Minter is totally the new Andy Warhol for me.

Photos- saatchi gallery


Jennifer said...

Those heels are stunning, defenitely a head turner!

Allure said...

I like it too. Looks like a Vogue beauty cover...or something like that

-S said...

i love the glitter eyes, but some of the other ones creep me out.

Mash said...

beautiful pictures <3 love love love

LML said...

those are gorgeous!

Juliet said...

oh , i need to writ ethe name down on my notebook.

juliet xxx

discothequechic said...

ahh, I can always rely on you for a bit of dirty sex, Teresa, but you'd hope so really with a name like Fashion Orgasm..

Feww, and check out the suggestion of the third picture!


S xx

riz said...

very glam rock

SICK. said...

marilyn minter's work reminds me of the display pictures everyone used for IM in 7th.

but seven million times more amazing and intriguing.


Anonymous said...

this is Susan :D
i'm finally actually leaving you a comment, after always just reading.
i love it! the pictures, the sex, the everything.
you are amazing.

Jessica said...

i saw these pieces atthe Whitney Biennial and they were incredible. Absolutely stunning in person the heel one is fantastic.