Blue Floppy Hat said...

I vote Irina, though I like Agy. Trouble is, Agy's a bit like Samson- her appeal is all in the hair, and a colour change just screwed it a bit. Irina is cooler, methinks.

discothequechic said...

who makes up the british fashion council?!

They think Agy, Irina and Lily are models of the year?

...This year or are they handing out the prizes late because Lily is soo 2004 dahhling.

or even 2003?

S xx

Anonymous said...

Lily Cole!

Tlell said...

i'm not sure where my love for her came from but i adore irina lazareanu

SICK. said...

my favourite of them is most likely lily.
although it is model of the year, so i suppose agyness might be a more appropriate choice, considering the fact that she seemingly appeared out of no where and instantaneously became the model.
but then again irina has been a big model this year too.


Anonymous said...

hello there!

i just find your blog but i love it!

hugs n kisses from Mexico

Jennifer said...

I can't believe irina is engaged to pete, after what kate did for her!
Love lily!

atelier said...

I don't like Agy, but being fair, and for model of the year, I think she is the best of these three. I think she got more covers, more ads, and more repercussion out of the fashion panorama, even if all her magic is on her hair.

hannah said...

irina or agy. lily cole just doesnt appeal to me.

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riz said...

Agy I guess - she just got so much press. But there are some other pretty amazing models out there. I'm going to post on them soon..

Bojana said...

We haven't seen her anywhere lately!

I vote Freja. Even though she's not nominated whatever.

I vote Irina. She has this understated , effortless coolness that Agy doesn't have.

The Couture Doll said...

I say Agy.

She has the strongest features among them three! Okay, maybe her magic's only in her hair but I still adore her~

Mrs Fashion said...

LOVE your descriptions of them!
Er, and do I HAVE to vote?

frankie-lou&tallulah said...

vote one agyness deyn.
i loveeeeeeeee her.
shes pretty much my biggest idol alongside nicole & mka.