On a tip from the highly informative blog, Independent Fashion Bloggers, I signed up for Google Analytics a couple days ago. Basically, it's a tracker for blogs, only googlized to death with pie charts and maps and such. So far, it's been a hoot. There's this tracker that monitors what keywords are typed into Google search to find a blog, and since my blog name is fashion orgasm, one can only imagine the hilarity and horrors that are typed to find this blog.
Utterly strange keywords I came upon were:
-marc jacobs head bobbles
-dior heartless bitch
-agyness shit neon
-why am I so hungry
-sex burrito orgasm
-open close orgasm
- orgasm with clothes on
-nu femmes in hungry
-my little pony furry sex
People have rather bizarre fetishes these days.
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Blue Floppy Hat said...

They're actually funny...I get strange things too, but nothing to match this.

The Vogueite said...

i love you :)

mary said...

hahah at first i couldnt tell whether that was a burrito or a joint. i'm pleased with both though!

-S said...

ahhahaha. my person favourite? "Why am i so hungry?". although, "my little pony furry sex" is a very very close second!

discothequechic said...

oh my god, thats so funny!

I wsh my google analytics account was working...doesn't seem to be picking up data! Grrr.

Nice MJ/Hasslehoff analogy!


Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

Oh that is so funny about your blog!
I've just signed up for that too, we'll have to see how it goes!

riz said...

Hilarious! Will have to try this to indulge my narcissism.

the unnamed boy said...

hey!! i love your blog.
you are in my link´s list
check out mine.
see you

muze1990 said...

Hilarious! I think I'm gonna sign up too, because now I'm very curious what people typed in to find my blog (if they even search for my blog that is)!

Juliet said...

made me laugh :D ( and i have noticed the same . )

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

why am i so hungry? that's awesome!

you should join IFB... for sure...