Neon pink isn't just for a jogger from 1980...

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I was giddy when I heard Proenza Schouler's collaboration with Target, but I burst in applause when I heard that Jack and Lazaro decided to join Lancôme's Pout-à-Porterline to make an ultra limited edition lipstick based on the neon yet nude pink shade they displpayed at the P&S Spring 07 show. All I have to do is stand outside of Neiman/Saks in the dead SF morning of January when it releases, to ensure myself a tube. mmmmhmmm.


S said...

i love that lip colour! such a refreshing change from the current red lips tht are in the mix.

molly said...

It's moments like these that make me wish we had Target in Canada

alluretone said...

yayyy. i'm so excited for the target line. i've actually been searching for a lipstick of that color, but i'm afraid that it'll look too "barbie" on me, if you know what i mean. but it's proenza schouler, so it's bound to be good.

discothequechic said...


my favourite things all rolled into one sweet picture!

but aren't you forgeting the classes?

they're HAWWT! Although I am rather obsessd with sunglasses so yah..

S xx

an english girl in new york said...

I have a similar lipcolour by benefit's now defunct shangri la range. It is amazing.