I learned the truth at 17...

So, it's official. Atoosa Rubenstein, beloved cow at Hearst, has resigned as editor of Seventeen magazine. Her reason? She wanted to create her own web-based teen business, surveying her target group through her myspace. As youngest editor at Hearst, she launched CosmoGirl! and took the reins of Seventeen, where she inspired fatties (like me) that they can be top magazine editors even if you have a huge schnozz and Borat-ish eyebrows while being a slacker in high school (also, like me)! So, best of luck fAtoosa! (P.S. I forgive you for putting Paris Hilton on your cover every single year.)
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We'll miss you Jigsaw, I mean, Atoosa!
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marY said...

ahh i hate seventeen, it's soo annoying. it can't even be compared to ellegirl (RIP)