H&M must love Viktor and Rolf now

So, today was the launch of the highly anticipated chic-for-cheap line by Viktor and Rolf at H&M. There were record lines of bargain shoppers and fashion enthusiasts, waiting for a taste of couture for mere dollars. The most prized item was, I believe, the lovely, frothy-fun $349 wedding dress. There were only 1000 of them made, which made it even more coveted. It was so nuts, people had floor maps of the store to make sure they got to the good stuff first. The Viktor and Rolf collection sure blew Karl's and Stella's collection away with the theme of pretty hearts and pretty arrows . The items sold out faster than you can say "BITCH, OH NO YOU DI'INT JUST TAKE MY DAMN TULLE BUBBLE SKIRT!"

I found this anecdote on mtvnews and I could totally relate:
Susan Chau, a 26-year-old grad student who had been waiting since 8 a.m., was on the verge of tears. Because of her petite size, she was unable to grab at items, and if she did, other women would snag them from her. "I really want the black trench coat," she said. "But I am physically not capable of getting it."

Last time I checked, the black trenchcoat was on ebay, fetching upwards of $300.
Sadly, I was not able to join in on this fashion frenzy, because of school. Which is sad because I live near 3 H&Ms, all of which are clustered in a 5 block radius. I was fooled by the false hope that there may actually be V&R stuff there tomorrow, which is a day off. Why, does the school have a day off the day AFTER the Viktor and Rolf launch? Useless!
Stupid, stupid, STUPID school. I'll be posting more about my STUPID school later on, to tell you how ridiculous the top trend is: Dora the explorer blankets.

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discothequechic said...


those pesky annoying people who buy out the whole H and M stock just to flog it on ebay.

and yes, I was at school today, you'd have though V&R could have been a little considerate...

but anyway, I love your posts,especially the Kate M one.

S xx