Factory Girl

"I never seen a girl with so many problems"
Is anyone as amped to see this movie as I? As the typical fashion blogging girl, I ADORE Edie Sedgwick and her Superstar lifestyle (although it did lead to her demise), all while maintaining an exuberant fashion sense, and of course I do have those Urban Outfitters tees plastered with her face on them. I don't know if it's going to be as bad as the critics say it is, although the trailer did sucked me in, but I'm still going to shell out a tenner to see Mary Kate "act" for the first time since New York Minute. And plus, me love Andy Warhol long time. I hope Sienna does Edie well. Release date: December 29, 2006.


discothequechic said...


I really didn't see that a being Sienna Miller! The american accent kind of made me cringe at the beginning on the trailer, but I though she was priased for being really great in the film?

It might be the new marie antionette, with write ups in vogue telling us to wear striped tees and short skirts.

hmm, but critics didn't like Marie A. Will have to wait and see.

Although it probably won't come out in the UK for bloody ages.

S xx

Marina said...

Hi. Take a look on my shoes
Marina (from France)

molly said...

i just teared up watching that trailer...how did it happen? why did i tear up?
i dont know!
but im dyin dyin dying to see it!
40 days until its released.
marykate is in it????????
okay, im going to see if theres amidnight showing or something. im suddenly desperate

though im gonna get so jealous of her dating bob dylan.
bob dylan is my fantasy husband.

molly said...

Yeah, Tyra's definitely a bit of psycho.

Haha just a character 'based on' Dylan...who just coincidentally talks, dresses and acts just like Dylan circa the 60s.
Well, I'll be in love with the character and therefore will still be jealous. Hahahah

Is Mary-Kate Olsen seriously in it???

Sarah said...

oh god, i can't wait. love andy and edie. lov ethe name of your blog (fashion ORGASM) haha

molly said...

Oh my god. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was off projectile vomiting at the thought of Katie Holmes as Edie Sedgwick.
Never thought I'd say this, but THANK GOD FOR TOM CRUISE AND HIS PSYCHOSIS!!

An unknown actress would have been best but Sienna Miller is a good pick, I think.

alluretone said...

does anyone else think the directors just randomly picked people for the cast? i mean kaite holmes for edgie? and hayden for dylan? the only thing they really got right was andy. but, hayden looks pretty hot as dylan, with his harmonica and everything. i have an obsession with hayden christensen.

i'm not siked for the movie, but i'll watch it.

marykate's acting ability kinda disintegrated as she grew up. lol i still enjoy their movies though..

dusk&summer said...

Im pretty pumped to the max. ps- hayden christensen is gorgeous so that makes the movie even better!