You know you love it...

Did anyone catch Gossip Girl last night? My first thoughts:
1. Everyone in the cast is HOT.
2. Is the guy playing Nate a model?
3. Chuck is so very, very douchey.
4. Wow Dan is surprisingly hot for someone that's suppose to be a self-deprecating loner.
5. I love the subtle fashion touchs (a little Lanvin there, Henri Bendel there...)
6. The story line is a bit hasty and muddled but infused with that Josh Schwartz type of OC drama that makes it all the more watchable.
7. Practically half the show is full of Blair's bitchy, envious stares at Serena.


MOLLY GRAY said...

oh i didn't see it..i live in argentina so things come quite late.. gossip girl will be on november.. i can't wait.. i love reading about it makes me more interesting.
and... from the picture i can tell that yeah everyone is hot...


Miu Miu's Atelier said...

i loved gossip girls can't wait for next wednesday

Kat said...

Cannot wait for Gossip Girls to start up here!

Julz said...

actually, the guy who plays nate is just an actor....he played Tyler in The Covenant, that movie with Steven Strait and all.

The guy who plays Dan was in John Tucker must die...as John Tucker's younger brother who the girl eventually falls for instead of John. He had long hair then and was supposedly a geek but was completely hot.

and i LOVE the bitchy, envious stares! :D

Anonymous said...

Nate is almost too hot!!!! Serena is so much hotter than Blair though!!

SICK. said...

i find they focused so much of blair's incessant bitchiness and not so much on that of serena.
she is definitely not a good girl.
anyways, was chuck's omnipresent scarf chanel? i seem to remember it.
yeah and honestly, why is dan better looking than nate?
ahha, but i agree that chuck is douchey. he's a good actor.


a. said...

i thought chuck was very hot even though he's a loser.
the guy who plays nate just doesnt do it for me; he always seemed sexier in my head :/
& dan? teehee ;] loves it

bottom line : the books are better

Anonymous said...

Ok I read a few gossip girl books a few years ago. Since when was it a tv programme?

Mash said...

gosh I m so jealous I can't watch it because I live in France :'( on which channel is it ?

riz said...

ok, guilty pleasure - i love this show - is it just me or are the clothes just great?? they really pop onscreen. I'm watching the rerun tonite in about 15 minutes...

Bojana said...

Numero 4 reminds me of someone..cough Seth Cohen cough.
How could such a hottie be a loner? If he were in my school he'd have LOTS of friends.

Too bad I live in Belgium and can't watch it...I really want to. But well we're still not done with the OC here (season 3 not even finished) so I think I'll need to wait for some time.

an eclectic left of center said...

okay, what chanel can i find this?! I have Dish. Example, I can only watch America's Next Top Model via MTV. i think this is not the original channel?

Trendini said...

loved it! it plays on wed and reminds me of when 90210 days (when it was also on wed here in Montreal). and yes, chuck is a bag of douche...a huge one at that.

Anonymous said...

First off, I just joined the blog network today, so I'm new to this. But I love your blog =]
Anyways. I love Gossip Girl! It's my favorite show next to America's Next Top Model. I have to say, I think I have a crush on Dan. haha. He's pretty hunky. I think Jenny is the best female character on the show.

Bojana said...

I just watched the show on the internet. And just finished the first book. I loved the book! The show is different but great none the less.

BUT HEY. DAN!! OMG he is so HOT. I seriously didn't imagine him like that. I thought he was chubby. HE seriously looks like a model. Eye candy!

Blair is so pretty too. And Serena's goregous.
And Jenny Humphrey? So cute. I didn't recognize her ( I suck at remembering names) , because, well, she was supposed to be brown and curlry-haired and with big boobs!

Damn I love tv shows