I haven't seen Daria Werbowy in ages (seems like ages), except for a few editorials and rare runway appearances; I thought her Lancome contract cemented her supermodel statuz and we would only see her mugging for the latest Lancome hi-tech teflon lipgloss or whatever. So, it's nice to see her channelling a gorgeous travelling gypsy for W magazine's editorial, Heat, shot by Steven Klein. And is it just me, or does Steven Klein always have the following in his shoots:
1. Glistening. Sweat. Everywhere.
2. A hot glamazon model
3. A model with an insanely dark tan
4. Lotsa leg.
Just an observation.

The leopard is major.
Oh and judging from this shoot, is the turban coming back?


riz said...

daria looks different here - wasn't she in some wrangler jeans adds or something?? that was the last i saw of her...

discothequechic said...

It's all about the sexxx for Steven Klein, isn't it? I love this (although apparently I do have Gypsy routes so there we go...

She still gets quite a few editorials here I think, though mainly Vogue who can't seem to grasp onto the fact that the only models they ever use are a bit "mature" and agyness deyn isn't the only "new" (ahemm) model around.

This makes me wonder about Gemma W. Haven't seen her around as much this season, or fall. Not that keen on her anymore, so thats okay. Have seen a lot of Diane Moldoven though.

S xx

Francisca said...

She is one of my favorite models...next to Natalia Vadianova. I add you to my links. Great blog.

Bojana said...

Beautiful editorial.
She's got hoooot legs. I wish I had legs like hers. Sigh
but....very summery...and don't make me think about summer, it only makes me more sad about it being gone.

Anonymous said...

Ah she's rocking the thick eyebrows, love it. I like the use of colour in this shoot. Although I find that Daria has a very Lohan look in her face.

Anonymous said...

i loooove the mattress shots...it's like she's a homeless supermodel...so hottttt

Meg said...

Love Daria, not so keen on the editorial, but then I'm not a big Steve Klein fan.

Re: I hope you're enjoying the book, it's a good 'un.