US Vogue, May 2007

Where's Freja? And Iek, and Irina and...the list can go on. Who did you think missed out on this year's Supermodel cover, which literally occurs once every 20 Nicole Kidman covers?


discothequechic said...

I think this cover is so wrong!

Most of these models already are stop models. Lily, Sasha and Jessica and Caroline have all made it and have been big faces for a couple of years now.

At least they got it right with Coco, Hilary, Chanel and Agyness.

But where are Hye, Tanya and like you said Freja, Iekieline and Irina.

Pehhh, in my opinion, US Vogue so rarely get it right. They seem to be amazingly behind times considering Wintour is meant to be such an influence.

Rant over! Great post.

S xx

abovo99 said...

it's funny.

Model Citzen said...

DITTO... such an odd combo. where the hell is irina?

-S said...

i simply cannot wait until it comes out!

Bobble Bee said...

what can we expect of American Vogue anyway? .. they're boring as hell