Al Gore must be jumping for joy

I find myself grativating towards these canvas Anya Hindmarch environment-friendly totes simply because they are, albeit ridiculous, the IT bag.
The bag, which was designed in collaboration with eco group We Are What We Do, went on sale at selected Sainsbury's stores in London yesterday and lines circled the block a la Karl Lagerfeld-H&M collection. In the vein of previous unattainble IT bags, the 20,000 limited edition bags sold out within an hour, and prices on ebay range from 100-450 dollars for this regularly 15 dollar tote. Craaazy.
I’m Not A Plastic Bag comes to the US in June (in a limited edition navy blue) and in Japan in July (in a limited edition bottle green), and it can be preordered on it's website in May.


F.M. said...

I just posted about this now iconic bag too. What gives? Is recycling the new black??

-S said...

so cute

Carissa said...

Didn't Marc Jacobs do a bag for Al Gore too? If he can't make it in politics the man will be warmly welcomed into fashion.

fashion me this said...

gahh...now i'm thinking of getting one

but i love these shopping bags, I mean definitely better than a plastic bag. I just love imagining shopping around with some super chic marni shopper with carrots and apples sitcking out.

Meg said...

I find it a bit irritating that it has to be fashionable to be environmentally conscious before people decide to participate (and even then only in such a limited way.)

Anonymous said...

they now have backlash ones saying something like 'I'm NOT a snotty twat'.
i want one of THOSE