Oh you know there's going to be a celeb cover next month

So, the editorial by Meisel and article accompanying the Vogue Top Model cover is up at style.com. And my goodness, these girls are so safe, and bland. Where's the late night coke binges, the accidental overdose of ipecacs, the constant flow of champagne that made models the Supers in the nineties? Those times have dissipated, but sadly, all that's left of those times are Naomi's sanitation chic, Kate's addiction to Doperty, and Tyra's sad weave.

So apparently, Doutzen is the frontrunner for the no-surname-required race to become the next Gisele. Lily is considered intelligent, Agyness has the Kate-Moss-coolness, and Stam was about to be a lifeguard, Coco is a pro-riverdancer, blah and blah . Chanel Iman had to have her mother present during the shoot, because as we all know, she's only 16 (doesn't that ruffle one's feathers) , and her idol is Iman and she loves "all things Chanel!" Cliche. Nothing we already don't know.

Perhaps the only somewhat striking thing about this article was Sasha Pivavorova.
The question asked was,"Do you want to be a Supermodel?"
In her thick nervous accent she says,"In Rrrrussia, vee have proverb: Only bad soldiers don't vant to be general." (Direct quote!)
EDIT: Thanks to Coutorture for featuring this blog in their must reads!


maya said...

Agyness is my current favourtie model. she is so beautiful and has the right coolness to be the new kate moss or someone of the sort.
she also has amazing style.

Carissa said...

Where was Irina??

Bobble Bee said...

i agree when you say that the tendency with models nowadays is "safety". It is getting dificult to find wild and interesting women among models. There are, of course, like Irina or Iekeliene, but the least. Also the faces, the kind of beauty magazines are featuring is getting a little boring, too "tipical" in a way, too "pretty faces" rather than "interesting faces"... that's my little opinion

-S said...

i just cannot wait until chanel's modeling days are over and we all question why she was the model of the moment.

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

'Tastic! You must've been so starstruck! How was she? Did you get to talk to her?

Emma said...

agree with carissa- irina is one of the few models i can stomach.
i kind of used to like chanel, but it's wearing off. now i feel like she just sat around going "hmm. versace iman? jean-paul gaultier iman? no, i've got it...CHANEL iman." it's lame that she would pick those two names for her pseudonym.

High Fashion Girl said...

I found this through Coutorture, and I definitely see why it was a must read. Excellent blogging!


Meg said...

In my mind, Sasha's saying this while wearing black leather gloves, smoking a cigarette and having an interrogation light fixed on her face.

I don't see the big hootenanny about Agy. She makes me yawn.

dianabobar said...

Here is how I wore my golden tracksuit/leggings:


disco fever anyone?
have fun!

Carolina Lange said...

And what about Carol Trentini or Raquel Zimerman?

F.M. said...

Agreed. The current wave of tame models are boring and over-celebrated. Ms.Deyn is the only one who seems like she's got a rock and roll edge in real life.

rglo820 said...

I do not understand all the fuss over Chanel Iman. But Doutzen...sigh. How gorgeous is she?