You're Gonna Love Meeeeee!

So, I admit, I am one of the masses who loved Dreamgirls. I didn't mind the overracting, or the endless cheapshots at the Supremes, and oh lord, do I love me some Jennifer Hudson. And, it makes me so glad that she made it so big, that she made the cover of VOGUE. Sure the photography is a par below creative, but come on, it's American Vogue, what do ya expect. The annual power issue disperses from the usual overused blonde movie star on the front cover and FINALLY an African American on the cover of Vogue, and I believe the last time was Liya Kebede two long years ago.
And if Andre Leon Talley is so estatic about this dreamgirl, so am I. I bet Beyonce is seething about all this atencion taken away from her. Take that Beyonce, you ain't nothing but common (in the movie.)

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Carolina Lange said...

Jennifer Hudson is great! I loved Dreamgirls and everyone is going to love Jennifer.