The New MJ

I'm still not used to the new Marc Jacobs. After that breakup with whatshisface, the one with the MJ tatoo on his arm, Marc seems like a changed man. I guess his new look reflected his new collection. But that canvas tote that is out of frame in the picture? 12 dollars at his store. Hmm.


MOLLY GRAY said...

i like him, he is very talented no matter what.
see ya,
+Molly G.+

Miss V. said...

When I first saw the pictures, I was like who the HELL is that?

Well, I think Marc is brilliant all the same. But it'll take a little time to get used to his new look.

Flashy_Shades said...

he looks so... muscle-y

S said...

It is growing on me slowly. I do miss the old look [it was funky, a little messy, and careless], but he is growing up!

I'm not still so keen on his new FW2007 Collection though..oh well.

*cAt* said...

MJ 4ever

discothequechic said...

He seems to have lost a lot of weight.

and where have his glasses gone!?

He doens't look as individual anymore!

Bring back the old MJ!

S xx