That Perm

"The worst thing I ever wore was legwarmers when I was in school. I not only wore them, I used to wear two or three pairs. Everything was some shade of dusty mauve and rose, what I call 'ishy colors.' At the time I was wearing a burgundy boot. Fortunately, there are no photographs."
-Micheal Kors

That hair, plus the aforementioned legwarmers, screeches Richard Simmons. The 80's were tough on Micheal Kors.

Backstage at his show in 1984.



discothequechic said...

this made me laugh soso much when i came across it on style.com

it's just so..familiar. but something we'd expect from the underdog in a teen movie, not from mr kors!

funny stuff.

atelier said...

poor man. but nobody who lived the '80 can't say a thing

Miss at la Playa said...

I really laughed when I saw that pic :D

Carissa said...

dear god!

MR style said...

oh he was really ugly when he was young !! now he's sweeter !

Anonymous said...

This made me giggle...haha