The day after...

Halloween was yesterday-aka the slut's excuse for dressing super sluttier. (example: Paris and Britney) Seriously, I went to school and I was bombarded by girls in costumes that flashed their baby factories. Any sex shop costume you could imagine: numerous 'cops' (complete with real handcuffs), dirrrty strawberry shortcake, even a dick in a box. It's the sign of the times... Anywho, enough about the Sodom & Gomorra that is my school, and onto what fashionland wore on Halloween:

Stephan Gan as Vishnu and Gemma Ward as Lakshmi. Gaining a few pounds have been good to her; she's getting to that Victoria's Secret-Gisele range.

Roberto Cavalli as Karl. Evidently, the only difference between the two is a baby food diet.

James Kaliarnos as Donatella. He looks just like that blonde biiiiiiiiiitch.

Daria Werbowy as a ghost.

Chloe Sevigny as a bondage warrior.

Josh Harnett as Bob Dylan.

Cory Kennedy as...well...Cory Kennedy with two loaves of jesus bread in her hands. She's a character in herself.

Behati Prinsloo looking like Kate Moss with a fatal coke overdose.

IMG star Heidi Mount and Hilary Rhoda.

Olsen twins no?
Photos -Patrick McMullan, Kathy Lo


discothequechic said...


costumes that actually look GOOD!
The olsen sisters one is tres funny!

Gemma and Stephan is my favourite though, supersuper genius!

How does Daria manage to still look pretty as a ghost? Mystery..


Bojana said...

Hahaaaaaaa, love the last picture!!

Q said...

Daria is my hero, esp. after those Halloween antics. I'm in love with the Olsen twins parody, bravo to those girls.

And on a blogular note, this site never seems to have a bad banner.

Gryphon said...

The Cavalli costume is dead-on. Ralph Lauren, too, dresses like Karl, even when it's not Halloween.

WendyB said...

I like "Donatella" the best!

Ana said...

cool post
gemma looks great
but i think Chloe is Joan of Arc not a bondage warrior.

Allure said...

"Now I know how Joan of Arc felt,
As the flames rose to a roman nose
and her Walkman started to melt". Bigmouth strikes again - The Smiths

Chloƫ Sevigny's Hallowen costume was inspired by that ;)

A said...

gemma looks lovely, but i have to say the best one is donatella. it's a spitting image, right down to the muscly arms

carina said...

Chloe Sevigny looks so sweet.

Kaye said...

Behati does look incredibly like Kate Moss!! The Olsen twins are hilarious and Daria looks like a sensational ghost's bride!!

Trendini said...

the Donantella outfit is striking and Daria looks amazing as a ghost!

riz said...

Yeah that's a fat Karl...Daria's costume still looks high fashion-y.

HF said...

Daria is the prettiest ghost in well, ghost-land!
Gemma looks great now, and those Olsen Twins are the greatest thing since a Ventai Latte at Starbucks
and you're banner is simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

the olsen twins...hilarious!

XX- -The Dark Bohemiian - -XX said...

oh ... the olsen ... lool !!