A Nonsensical 100th Post

Chilean Flamingos in SF
I went to the zoo today, attempting to take Bruce Weberesque photos avec my 12 year old Polaroid Spectra.
So I quote Charlotte from Lost in Translation: "...every girl goes through a photography phase...taking dumb pictures of your feet."
I am totally going through that phase like a looooon. On loon tablets.
Yeah I quote Georgia Nicolson too like all the other 124819234 bloggers in the world.


ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Heart the pola of the peacock. He could become the next IMG star!

platinum blonde said...

i am totally going through that phase right now i bought a nikon d40x, a holga, and a vintage sx70 polaroid i'm all set including dumb pictures of my feet! :) love both photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I totally love these pictures. Old polarids give everything such a lovely look. :D

discothequechic said...

wow, I love these pictures! Especially the flamingos, for the hazy colour.

I watched lost in translation last night. It never fails to make me feel content and inspired.

And I last night I dreamt of sitting by hotel windows looking over cityskapes. (Ala Charlotte)

That quote is so spot on though, isn't it? I have so many crappy pictures of my feet taken from when I first discovered the joys of a digital camera!

and Happy 100th post! Hoorahh.

S xx

Juliet said...

congrats for the 100th post !

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

aw i love the last pic

no matter what i do i cant seem to take wonderful artistic pics. maybe a new camera would do.. parents are you listening..?

Emma said...

PEACOCK! Sorry, I am excited by peacocks (dirty! Hey, what can I say, I'm emotionally still eleven).
Lost In Translation, for a movie with Harlot Johansson, is surprisingly affable.

Bobble Bee said...

i love these polaroids!

Anonymous said...

love the flamingo polaroid.

amanda said...

The peacock looks amazing....your polaroids look so professional.