An Ensemble Piece

As I was flimming through the Sept. Vanity Fair, I came upon the new Moschino ad, shot by Peter Lindbergh, featuring all Asian models, which is a rare occurance in the American fashion circuit. Usually I see ads depicting a Hye Park or Du Juan in the corner sharing facetime with a gaggle of Gemmas and Darias (ex: Cavalli, YSL, LV, Fall06) so this is new. Anyway, alls I wants to say is the messy bobs and sickly sweet babydoll-ness of the garments reminds me of the women-spies in those 70's chinese exploitation spy films my father watches. (He had a thing for asian women assassins and killing machines in cheongsam dresses. And blaxploitation Foxxy Brown films. In short, anything related to 70's exploitation films.) TMI, but it's true haha. And the morbidly fascinating Daul Kim is featured on the ladder, which I like.

Models: Daul Kim, Emma Pei, girl who's name I don't know, Eugenia Mandzhieva, Ai Tominaga, Tao Okamoto
photo: asian models blog


Juliet said...

i don't know what i _should_ think of that idea, but for now it seems fun and different.
the ad looks good.

juliet xxx

Iheartfashion said...

Love the Lanvin-black-bobs.

Kaye said...

WOW!! STUNNING!! Normally, I wont like that hairstyle, but the fact that it's messed up just makes it look oh so chic. LOVE this!!

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...







Mash said...

I love that adv because it's a big change in the fashion industry i think .

f&art said...

There's one with all the black models aswell. Reminds me pretty much of a Vanessa Beecroft installation...