Marc Jacobs. In. Rehab. OMG.

Yes, it's true, Marc Jacobs has relapsed and checked into a rehabilitation center in Arizona for drug and alcohol abuse. According to Vogue.uk "... he apparently left Paris straight after his Louis Vuitton show on March 4 and flew direct to begin his treatment."
Oh goodness gracious, maybe this is the explanation for his sudden transformation/Star Jones-like suspicious weight loss. Let's pray that Marc Jacobs gets through this, because who else is going to be America's great designer? Kimora Lee Simmons? (Oh hell no.) Please, get well soon MJ!


Q said...

Saying that about Kimora Lee Simmons horrified me into submission. Please never joke about Baby Phat ever again!!

viviana said...

I wish him all the best too! and I hope he stays in rehab all the necesary time and do not come out in two weeks saying he is cured already..
Good luck all the best for this genius!
( and thank you very much for the link! )

MOLLY GRAY said...

wow... i would never imagine marc jacobs in that situation...
+molly g.+

Felice Russo said...

Is it me or suddenly "everyone" is going to rehab ? I hope he get well soon, because I don't care about the rest of the "celebies", MJ is just too special to all of us.
Love your blog...by the way.

Emma said...

mais non!
i won't believe it.

but hello, aren't all designers on drugs? i mean, the whole eighties fashion scene was basically dependent upon crack. right?
so why rebuke marc as long as he keeps making those sweet sweet clothes?

molly said...

aw thats sad. i hope he gets better and keeps churning out awesome clothes