5 things you don't know about me...

Since Discotheque Confusion nominated me to say a few words about myself, I'll try to say some unknown facts about me.

1) Sometimes, I peruse the makeup counters at Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales just to use their nail polish. It's free, and I don't think you can get finger herpes if you use nail polish sample bottles, unlike lipgloss sample tubes. I mean, I can't afford 180 dollars on ten bottles of Chanel Le Vernis, it's impractical. So this either makes me a cheap genius or just plain cheap, either one. At least my nails always look good.

2) I admit, I was a fan of Paris Hilton, POST(!) porn tape. But that was back in my disgusting middle school days, where I thought Seventeen was a great magazine. This is oh so sad. Moving on...

3)I like to shoot guns. Not at animals, heavens no! But I like to squeeze the trigger of my Baretta to release my anger at the shooting range. I have pretty good aim, in fact.

4)I'm deathly afraid of self tanners after my legs turned day glo orange after obssessively slathering on Vaseline self tanning lotion (DON'T BUY IT) for two weeks, hoping my legs would turn into enviable legs that looked as if I spent a week in Brazil. I was literally walking on two carrots for a week until I managed to exfoliate the hell outta my legs.

4.5)I won my school spelling bee 3 years in a row, and I was in the regionals twice. I was SO SO SO close to making it to the nationals in Washington DC, but I got stuck on the word uguligrade and ended up in second place with a crap medal.

5)I don't know what I'm going to do with my future. Que sera, sera.

(I know I'm short)


coco said...

thats a great idea about the nail polish.
thats what its there for so they cant really tell you not to try it.
and i havent seen notes on a scandal yeat but i hear its very good.

discothequechic said...

Yesss, make up counters are so good for that...

until the snobby orange faced girls ask you rudely "ate you going to buy that?"

I love going into Space NK for just staring at the NARS eyeshadows. All the colours are so pretty, lol!

So no, you're not cheap, just clever!

wow, the spelling bee! I've seen films and stuff about spelling bees, it seems such an american thing. Thats so cool though, I really admire the right mix of intellect and fashion!

isn't it coo to find out all this stuff!?

S xx

molly said...

oh my god im such a spelling nerd and im completely jealous of your official title.

lauren said...

Spelling bees are so cool! We never had them at my school, it's very dissapointing.

Model Citzen said...

i am officially the worlds worst speller. lucky you!