I wish Jack and Lazaro were my BFF

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So, I was flipping through my Dec. Vogue in Maths as usual, and I came upon an article about the Proenza Schouler capsule colleccion for Target. All I have to say is, I want that purple dress with their signature bustier detail. And it's only 40 dollars. Sorry for the poor pictures, I had them with my cell crammed in my desk in class without my hawk of a teacher noticing. My god I am still shocked, 40 dollars for a piece of signature Jack and Lazaro in your closet! Mark your calendars, I can't wait till February rolls around!
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marY said...

mm i know, i read that article too and i can't believe i have to wait until february!

alluretone said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you jack and lozaro! i really need to catch up on my vogue reading. you just gave me a really good idea to start reading them in class. their target collection is gonna be a HUGE hit obviously. that purple dress is amazing! i love how they actually used their signature bustier. and only for 40 bucks! :) i love your new header btw.

molly said...

you took that picture with your cell??
wow, its very clear!

and, yes that purple dress is gorgeous! purple is my favorite colour. :D

S said...

omg, i loved that dress! and what an amazing purple colour!

an english girl in new york said...

yummy dress

Bojana said...

Heeee!!! wowowow. Does Target ship outside the US? I gotta have that dress!
and, oh, BTW, I love your blog. :)