Brasilian Bombshells, and then some

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Every year, I watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, a majority of the models are just commercial imports from Brazil, and I don't mind seeing Gisele EVERYWHERE, she's literally carrying the term "Supermodel" in her pretty mass of blonde hair. Now that Tyra retired, we can finally see less fat jiggling. Sorry to those Tyra fans out there. But I usually tune in to see the rare glimpse of Julia Stegner or Hana S., Caroline Winberg and Oluchi strutting like real models. Without Tyrafat jiggling. Okay I'll stop now capping on her now. Just watch the show!


Anonymous said...

I watch the show every year as well! For some reason I'm just in love with it...

plus the lingere is freaking brills
cool blog!

molly said...

not so much a tyra fan here.
though if she lets caridee win, ill respect her more.



i love your new header, by the way

Robert Vandenbego said...

Delicious blog with chic links...

Robert Vandenbego

Sarah said...

i'll be sure to watch it! and justin timberlake performs, yes!

alluretone said...

i watched this for the first time and it was an amazing show! i don't like tyra that much either. idk why but she seems like a cocky biatch. and yes, she seems like she would be too jiggle-jiggle for the show.

persuazn said...

Hana Soukupova looked stunning at the VS show! Especially in the flight attendant segment.