Aww, arrivederci Valentino! His last colleccion showed today in Rome and goodness, I get all teary thinking about this maybe being his farewell show. His collections of late have been full of tiers, tiers, tiers and saccharine-sweet frothy poofs, but god, I'll miss him and his unnatural tan ever so much. I shudder to think that Micheal Kors will takeover the spot as orangest working designer in the world. Although rumor has it, Zac Posen has been eyed to takeover the house, and me like.

In other news of departure, Jane Magazine will go kaput in August. What is up with that editor Brandon Holley? First beloved Ellegirl is gone, (I kinda blame ANTM/fatass Tyra's sponsorship for that demise), and then now this? How disappointed Jane Pratt must be.
On a lighter (or somber toned) note, I quite like the Chanel ads avec Freja Beha. Dark, seductive, Violet Incredible, wistful melancholy, me like.


High Fashion Girl said...

Seriously? That's disappointing news. I am going to miss Jane magazine.

-S said...

"I'll miss him and his unnatural tan ever so much"
he is rather orange isn't he? i never really noticed.

fashion me this said...

No wonder its been taking so long to get this month's issue! That sucks though, it wasn't exactly high fashion, but i loved how the articles were absolutely hilarious

Bojana said...

Are you sure he's leaving? Noooooooooo pleeease grandpa don't go, I love you!