Eye Closed, Mouth Agape

Devon Aoki, on the July cover of i-D, avec Jeremy Scott. Um, I didn't know she was still "modelling." I thought she was too busy portraying the hussy with the pink civic in "2 Fast 2 Furious." God, I've been using the word "hussy" too much. There aren't many synonyms for hussy, though. Anywho, mouthbreathing-modelling is so IN now, gawd. Looks like Coco Rocha has some company!

Photo- fashion.verbatim


discothequechic said...

love it, you're right, doing a coco is the way to go!


cant wait til its out..

S xx

Bella said...

She's interesting...she's pretty, but I've never actually seen her do any modeling *runs to google*

.m. said...

devon is gorgeous!
the word 'hussy' is one of a kind,
and no one will replace Coco Rocha! lol!

.m. said...

I check your blog daily and i really love it, do you want to exchange links?

molly said...

i dont find her particularly stunning at alll

-S said...

although i think htat pose is immensely bland, i think she is crazy pretty.

Emma said...

Geez, does she have an eye twitch or something? That would explain a LOT.
One good synonym for "hussy"= "trollop". It's one of my personal favorites, my friend taught it to me and I've been using it ever sicne.

lluviaschick said...

dont like devon and dont like jeremy